Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

By Proof

For those of you who have neither the time or inclination to sit through twenty two plus minutes of the President's meanderings, consider his words at fifteen minutes into the video:

Of course there are some needs that require more resources than faith groups have at their disposal. There’s only so much a church can do to help all the families in need — all those who need help making a mortgage payment, or avoiding foreclosure, or making sure their child can go to college. There’s only so much that a nonprofit can do to help a community rebuild in the wake of disaster. There’s only so much the private sector will do to help folks who are desperately sick get the care that they need.
And that’s why I continue to believe that in a caring and in a just society, government must have a role to play; that our values, our love and our charity must find expression not just in our families, not just in our places of work and our places of worship, but also in our government and in our politics.

"There’s only so much a church can do", "There’s only so much that a nonprofit can do", "There’s only so much the private sector will do". First of all, notice the difference in his rhetoric: There's only so much that churches and nonprofits can do, but only so much the "private sector" will do (those greedy bastards!). And when you're talking about private sector versus the government, aren't churches and nonprofits part of the "private sector"?

Second, if you are going to laud the efforts of churches and nonprofits, shouldn't you at least somehow refrain from reducing the amount of donations given to them?

Several billion dollars could be lost in charitable gifts because of the tax proposal, say philanthropy scholars. The White House says that the plan won’t hurt charities, in part because it doesn’t take effect until 2011, when Obama officials expect the economic recovery to have begun.

Aside from the Carnac the Magnificent prediction about 2011, Mr. President: If there are some needs that require more resources than faith groups have at their disposal, why would you decrease tax breaks on charitable giving, knowing that will decrease those resources?

Obama's words are exactly the opposite of his actions, not even to mention the disastrous effects that the notorious "Cash for Clunkers" wrought upon charitable organizations, reducing the number of cars donated while simultaneously pushing up the price of used cars for the working poor!

Charities typically and historically give a much higher percentage of their donations to the poor than do government agencies tasked with the same goal.
In tough economic times, wouldn't it make sense to give the resources to those who are most efficient, rather than siphon so much off the top to sustain bloated government bureaucracies?

Pray about it, Mr. Obama.

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  1. There’s only so much a church can do, but with Democrats in charge there's no end to what the government can do (to you).

  2. Really, I would venture to say if he asks the people in New Orleans after Katrina who did more for them the faith based charities or the government, they would say the charities.

  3. This is just a tune-up for Obama's 2012 Presidential re-election. Mr. Obama words carry no merit. Thanks for the post.

  4. I can't force myself to listen to him....it's not recent...it started about campaign speech three. So, I really appreciate all comments from you brave souls with more tolerance than me.

  5. You just saved 23 minutes of my life.

    Thanks for breaking down 23 minutes of bullshit into the quintessential phrases. One should wonder whether his word choice was deliberate or just deeply ingrained in the psyche of him or his speech writer.

    The private sector gives BILLIONS of dollars toward charitable causes. Most of those non-profits get their money from corporations and wealthy donors, not government.

    The churches get their money from voluntary contributions by private citizens.

    Government can only be generous with other people's money taking it by FORCE.

    It never occurs to Obama that people's "needs" are not best satisfied by churches, non-profits, corporations, or governments, but BY THEMSELVES.

    Every word out of this arrogant fool's mouth sickens me.

  6. Someone should tell this sorry excuse for a human, that God and his people do not need the help of the Govt. On the other hand, we the people rely and need the help of God to protect us from the Govt...
    Govt is not the cure, Govt is the problem!

  7. Jacg: I daresay that if those had been church buses instead of school buses in New Orleans, a lot more people would have gotten out in a safe and timely fashion, too.

    DeanO: "Just words".

    Janelle and Rick: Consider it a public service!

    "Govt is not the cure, Govt is the problem!" Someone else once said that once, John. The name escapes me!

  8. Sorry Nick! Miserable time for a typo!

  9. Well Proof, I know who said it! Ronald Reagen, a great American!
    I chose the phrase because it is more true today than ever. But they keep trying to sell us that lemon. So I will repeat it until the get it!


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