NY-26 Special: Way clears for Jane Corwin, debunking the “NY-26 might give back State Senate to Dems myth” and Jimmy Vielkind drops the 'F' bomb

By Sam Foster

The likely candidate to replace Chris Lee for NY-26 is all but decided and in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday, I submitted the A list contenders who were likely to be nominated by the Party bosses to run on the Republican ticket. Less than twelve hours later, it’s all but sure to go to Jane Corwin.

There have been three outstanding questions to whether Jane Corwin would be the choice pick. I discussed these briefly yesterday, but here they are again. First, do Republicans want a Buffalo politician for NY-26 given redistricting? Second, what about all those State Senators like Maziarz signaling their interest for the job? Third, is Jane Corwin even interested? I’d say close to two of those questions were answered yesterday.

I think the redistricting question was answered to a degree yesterday when former NY-26 rep Tom Reynolds put his support behind Jane Corwin. Granted Tom is not likely the most knowledge about State Senate plans for redistricting, but Reynolds opinion is going to be a big factor for county chairmen. I’ve interviewed many politicians and asked for endorsements for other candidates and believe me, you never get an endorsement and in such short of time if they aren’t certain that their horse will emerge victorious. My money is that Reynolds is backing the favorite and not the dark horse, which means redistricting might have been a factor, but not enough to sway power away from Buffalo bosses.

The Maziarz question was pretty much cleared up by State Senate majority leader Dean Skelos yesterday. Skelos says Maziarz isn’t running and that’s that. Yes, I know he didn’t talk with Maziarz, but Maziarz can’t just run on his own, he needs backing from the committee chairman. The committee chairman aren’t just going to skirt the most powerful State politician in the Republican Party and definitely not while the stars are aligning behind Corwin.

I point all this out to you, because you are likely to start reading articles from the likes of Jimmy Vielkind at the Times Union discussing how a State Senator in the NY-26 seat could give power back to State Dems. I assure you, Vielkind is smart enough to know, given Skelos’ statement, that there isn’t an iota of possibility that Republicans will pick a State Senator to run. Regardless of the State Republican’s history of ineptitude, Skelos says no to Maziarz and the same argument is going to carry over to other State Senators. Articles like these are just NY reporters writing a provocative story to write a provocative story. It’s just not likely. Speaking of Jimmy Vielkind…

…I was a bit shocked to see him drop the ‘F’ bomb in a recent interview. I mean sure Jimmy will cite Wikipedia as a reliable source of political knowledge and then write me to defend the practice and I’m no puritan here, but it’s not any less shocking to see a Times Union reporter let it go to print. Stay classy Jimmy.

With Maziarz out of the way and Reynolds signaling that redistricting isn’t going to factor, there’s really not much left to Corwin’s eventual run accept the question of whether or not she wants to do so. If not Corwin, I’d say Maggie Brooks is now the next likely.


  1. Any word on who the Democrats might be interested in running?

    When he tried running for NY-29, didn't Matt Zeller list his residence as actually being in Suurban Rochester somewhere in NY-26?

  2. Fenway - There a list of about 5 potential Dems, but no one in the group really stands out.

    hahaha, I thought the same about Matt Zeller. Maybe he'd go and move to NY-26.

    However, his address listed for NY-29 was the Monroe County Dem headquarters. He grew up in Rochester in NY-28. Though I wouldn't put past him, I don't think he has the profile Dems are looking to run in NY-26.


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