New Mitch Daniels ad: ‘Deficit is Too Damn High’ Jimmy McMillan endorses Daniels

By Sam Foster

Students for Mitch Daniels put out the first Presidential ad of the season, now they are following up with a second ad. This time Michael Knowles' creative juices came up with the idea of enlisting ‘Rent is too damn high’ Party leader Jimmy McMillan to stand out and let the people know “The Deficit is too damn high.”

Politico has more on how the group managed to co-op Jimmy McMillan who is also running for President.

They decided that the founder of “The Rent is Too Damn High” party, would be the perfect pitchman to deliver this slogan: “The deficit is too damn high.”

The group looked into a McMillan impersonator, but they were thrilled when the gloved man himself agreed to take part.

In the video, McMillan declares, “Now wait a minute! The deficit is too damn high. You’ve got a president just throwing money away. Alabama, here, take this. Florida, take that. Hold your hand out. Catch a nickel or catch a dime! Americans are being treated like Third World people. The deficit is too damn high!”

The video is to air Friday when Mitch Daniels is set to speak at CPAC. Mitch Daniels hasn’t thrown his hat into the ring, but the Student’s last video got the governor’s attention. I’m interested to hear what he says about their latest success?

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