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by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics across the web:

Maggie's Notebook: Racist progressives show true colors

Legal Insurrection: He "lied us into" the individual mandate

Beers with Demo: Delta smelt gets it's "close up"

Another Black Conservative: Analysis: Rand Paul's speech

The Liberator Today: Good news from San Diego

No Sheeples Here: Work of fiction, work of hate

BBCW: Rand Paul's awesome first speech and Joke?: CPAC awards Rumsfeld

Rational Nation: A naive administration

Full Metal Patriot: So goes Tunisia, so goes Egypt?

Pundit and Pundette: Santorum 2012?

Teresamerica: Planned Parenthood caught sex trafficking

Obi's Sister: Eric Erickson interviews Herman Cain

JACG: Are camel-riding protesters really clamoring for democracy?

Last Tradition: Egypt sees Obama as Manchurian candidate

Bluegrass Pundit: SEUI fights Obamacare repeal after receiving waver (only in Obama's America)

Reaganite Republican: Some things never change!


Wired: Russian working on mysterious space plane

Gizmodo: The PS2 just won't die!


Radar: Halle Berry's rage caught on tape

TMZ: Lindsay Lohan's best defense - Silence!

Jezebel: This week in tabloids


Yahoo Finance: 5 breakthrough drugs for 2011

Get Rich Slowly: The cost of love

Mashable: NYT profit plummets (bad content folks, bad content)

Yahoo Finance: The best jobs outside the cubicle

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Kaley Cuoco

Just a Man with his Thoughts: Black and White beauty

Blog of the Day:

Reaganite Republican

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