Morning Beat

by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics across the web:

Maggie's Notebook: Al Qaeda on verge of obtaining nuke?

Temple of Mut: Huntsman is worse than a RINO

Beers with Demo: Free captain Elliot's party boats: Epilogue

RightGuy: Two faces of Mitt Romney

The Liberator Today: San Diego Walmart ordinance repealed

Humble Libertarian: The Fed and job creation and Federal ruling on Obamacare a victory for individual liberty

Mean ol' Meany: Monica Crowley can't make sammiches

Full Metal Patriot: Obama loves Reagan parodies

No Sheeples Here: Photoshop of the day

BBCW: Wisconsin AG declares Obamacare dead

Obi's Sister: Tempest in the sweet teapot

Troglopundit: Priorities

JACG: Herman Cain on the issues

Bluegrass Pundit: Obama stonewall begins

Reaganite Republican: Tanks not far behind in Egypt


Mashable: Verizon customers can pre-order iPhone for tomorrow

Wired: Pirate treasures of the future

Gizmodo: Do not buy an iPad


PopEater: J-Lo furious that "Idol" all about Steven Tyler

TMZ: Lindsey Lohan: Jewelry thief

INF Daily: Paris Hilton supports Charlie Sheen

Bluegrass Pudit: Snooki gives Chucky the cold shoulder


Yahoo Finance: Private sector adds 187,000 jobs

Get Rich Slowly: Build your own food bank to fight rising prices

The Five financial red flags for couples

Yahoo Finance: Top five tips to avoid an audit

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Lucy Pinder

Theo Spark: Wednesday Hotties

BBCW: Farrah Fawcett heads to the Smithsonian

Blog of the Day:

Last Tradition: Stop complaining about the weather and do what you have to do!

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