Morning Beat: Perfect Valentine Card

by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics Across the Blogs:

Just a Conservative Girl: Perfect Valentine Cards!

Dad 29: (my) Sweetie's perfect valentine

Pundit and Pundette: Budget battle begins

Libertarian Republican: YAF's rejection of Ron Paul further explained

Fisherville Mike: Friendship in a cyber age

Maggie's Notebook: Bahrain unrest

TCL: WME found in San Diego?

Beers with Demo: Sarah Sez

BBCW: Californians complain about Obama's high-speed rail

Proof: Hard to find a hooker on valentine's day

Reaganite Republican: 10 poorest US cities and why

Trestin Meachan: Egypt 101


Wired: Valentines cars

Gizmodo: Apps for the last minute valentine date

Mean ol' Meany: Drive by blogging on trackbacks


Forbes: Obama proposes to raise taxes on 'rich'

Yahoo Finance: Tips to save $50 per day

Get Rich Slowly: Frugality and long-distance relationships

Hollyweird and Entertainment:

TMZ: Charlie Sheen trashes 'Men' execs

US Weekly: Jessica Simpson: $1 billion girl

Popeater: When Justin Bieber fans attack

BBCW: Justin Bieber used for naked PETA ad

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Eye of Polyphemus:

Mashable: Sports Illustrated Swimsuits issue going digital

Blog of the Day:

Temple of Mut: A Valentine filled with Chutzpah!

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  1. LCR: Thanks for the BOTD rating! I would like to add that my graphic about Jan Brewer's moxie (When they SUE you, SUE BACK TWICE as HARD) is one of my favorite efforts. May you and Mrs. LCR have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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