Morning Beat: Patriot Act hits the Skids

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of my heroes -- Judge Andrew Napolitano -- has been sounding the alarm on the so-called Patriot Act for years. Yesterday he was vindicated, at least in a small part; as a band of tea party Republicans and civil libertarian Democrats provided enough votes to make the Patriot Act renewal hit the skids. I'm no expert on the law, but the more libertarian I become, the less and less I agree with the extra-constitutional powers granted to the Feds via. the Patriot Act.

Here's the Judge sounding the alarm on the Patriot Act:

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  1. "he was vindicated, at least in a small part; as a band of tea party Republicans"

    Actually, 44 out of the 52 members of the so-called "Tea Party Caucus" in the House voted against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in favor of the un-american Patriot Act. Only 15% voted against that abomination among self-described Tea Party Republicans.


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