Morning Beat: CPAC 2011

by the Left Coast Rebel

Donald Trump's speech at CPAC:

Rand Paul's 2011 CPAC speech:

Ron Paulians heckle Dick Cheney:

Politics Across the Blogs:

The Other McCain: CPAC coverage

Pundit and Pundette: Palin alienates SAHM

Fisherville Mike: Watch for unknown unknowns

Maggie's Notebook: CBO: Obamacare costs 800,000 jobs

No Sheeples Here: Photo of the day

Mind-numbed Robot: Palin's birthday

Beers with Demo: Return of the bride of Porkulus

Hack Wilson: Regarding the Egyptian people

Reaganite Republican: Live streaming coverage of Egypt

Trestin Meachan: Interview with Quite Rightly


Wired: HP Touchpad and and Android Honeycomb

Gizmodo: Techie valentine's gifts

Mashable: Google Doodle and Thomas Edison's birthday


Forbes: Obama admin confronts Fannie, Freddie

Yahoo Finance: Investors cheer Mubarak's resignation

Get Rich Slowly: Should I sell my car and FreeFile taxes for free

Yahoo Finance: 11 signs the economy is on the right track

Hollyweird and Entertainment:

TMZ: Charlie Sheen talks anti-drugs

US Weekly: Heidi Montag to Jennifer Aniston, "it was a mistake"

People: Miley Cyrus to host SNL

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Jessica Simpson

Theo Spark: Bedtime Totty

Blog of the Day:

The Other McCain: Hecklers in the Big Tent

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