Morning Beat: Busy, Busy, Busy...

by the Left Coast Rebel

As chief editor in chief, (or Chief LCR, LCR Chief) I must apologize for the lack of content and posting. I find myself busier than a one-legged man in the middle of an ass-kicking contest today. I am juggling college courses with work and freelance writing at the same time and overwhelmed, overworked.

I am busy! In fact, busier than at any time since I started the Left Coast Rebel. Thankfully I have a great team, Proof, RK, Sam Foster, Les Carpenter, Wes Messamore and new contributor Barrell Rider to help pick up the slack but I still get the feeling that my absence is leading to LCR losing a bit of mojo. Please stay with us!

Politics Across the Blogs:

Fisherville Mike: If liberals are so smart...

Dad 29: Sensebrenner on Patriot Act renewal

Reaganite Republican: Virtual Sistine Chapel (this is neat)

Pundit and Pundette: Buffalo beheader convicted

Bluegrass Pundit: Olbermann heading to Current TV?

BBCW: Valerie Jarret mistakes 4-star general for waiter

Beers with Demo: Latent Reagan post

Full Metal Patriot: Religion of peace update

Teresamerica: British PM David Cameron speaks out against multiculturalism

Shane Atwell: Leftists just now realize all of their colleagues are leftists

Maggie's Notebook: Iranium the movie


Economy Politics: Loan mods don't work

Yahoo Finance: Gold up along with Chinese interest rates and why you need an adviser, again FDIC pay caps will keep businesses on the sidelines

Get Rich Slowly: What to do with an old 401-k

Liberator Today: Cash sales invigorate housing


TMZ: Halle Berry: Our daughter is black!

US Weekly: Tina Fey: I'm not a working mom witch (sure)

TMZ: Lindsey Lohan up for role in 'Superman'

People: Katy Perry appreciates he giant bust (now nice)

Proof Positive: Spiderman bad reviews montage

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Theo Spark: Tuesday Tottys

Eye of Polyphemus: Roxanne Pallett

Maggie's Notebook: GoDaddy hottie Joan Rivers?

Blog of the Day:

Temple of Mut: The inept, corrupt, San Diego GOP

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  1. LCR: Thanks for the Blog of the Day designation. You would really follow up on B-daddy's post...the comments are most illuminating.


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