I Found RINO Droppings at CPAC

I'm here at CPAC, where everyone is [supposedly] conservative. But apparently, some RINOs have wandered into the herd of 11,000:

I cannot attest to whether David Frum and his supporters are sane, but conservative they are not. NTTAWWT, but this is the Conservative Political Action Conference.


How do you explain this? A CPAC straw poll:

Five percent is 5% too much!

Perhaps not coincidentally, I did spot Eleanor Clift lurking in the shadows earlier today.

Updated: Related at Memeorandum: Ron Paul supporter heckles Dick Cheney


  1. "The Sane Conservative Alternative"

    Shouldn't it be:

    "The Liberal Conservative Alternative"?

  2. Maybe "insane clown posse" would fit well.

  3. Even better, RK! Wish I was attending CPAC too, next year we'll hit it up!

  4. What madmath1 said!

    What the hell is their motto anyway? We don't want to stop the train to fiscal hell, we just want to slow it down some???

    BTW, I am extremely disappointed in Heritage dropping out over some gay people showing up.

  5. Frum? Maybe his group got a bit tipsy and wandered into the CPAC group?

  6. @Silver I was disappointed that Heritage pulled out. But I don't know why GOProud is here. They've burned some bridges:


    They may fit in the GOP, but they're not especially conservative:


    Apparently, they're Republicans of the Scozzafava variety. Maybe they should get together with Frum and start their own conference.


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