Herman Cain on Democrats and S.I.N.

By Proof

I found this bit of video over at Right Klik. Note particularly at the end, the three tactics of the Democrats:

Shift the subject
Ignore the facts
Name calling.

That's so true! Know any liberal trolls infesting your blogs that this describes? Me, too. And it fits them perfectly.

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UPDATE: Don't miss the rest of this great speech...


  1. I watched his whole speech - it was excellent. If we can't get behind a guy like this as a presidential candidate, well, we might just be stupid. Pundits diminish his prospects because he has no "political experience". I liken "political experience" to "beholden to special interests." To the extent he doesn't have the former, he'll remain unshackled by the latter.

  2. Cain is the real deal.

    Thanks for the link.

    The entire speech was brilliant. I'll add the rest.

  3. What can I say? When you guys are right, you're right!

  4. I'm not,NOT, satisfied with the current Republican forerunners for President in 2012. I'd like to hear how Herman Cain would answer the 'lack of experience' question he'd most likely face. Ron Paul has the right conservative values, but lacks in physical presence. He'd make a great V.P. The Republican Party hasn't put forth a solid candidate since Ronald Reagan.

  5. "lack of experience"... Since when is experience a prerequisite?
    He does have experience in taking a company that is on the edge of bankruptcy and making it profitable again.
    Maybe we should start looking at the positive qualities candidates have instead of looking for their flaws...
    Is the glass half full or half empty?

  6. I don't know if Cain will have what it takes to go the distance, but the conservative values he espouses should at least help focus the debates on what's most important in 2012.

  7. His lack of political experience only ensures that he's not like the rest of the career politicians he's running against. Who wants more of the same? This guy is great at defining problems, clearly and effectively communicating those problems, and finding practical solutions within a meaningful operational context. He's a leader, not a political errand boy, and he has my vote.


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