Herman Cain Moved Them To Tears

Herman Cain made such an indelible mark at CPAC, I'm compelled to post his speech in its entirety with some of the reactions from the internets. First, the speech with a brief intro from Ed Morrissey:

"If you watch one speech in its entirety, this may be the one to choose. Herman Cain, so far the only declared candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, stole the show yesterday with his speech in the late afternoon. People left the ballroom saying that he moved them to tears..."


Wondering why Cain was showing his sleeves? His explaination via his twitter feed is, "I told y'all I don't have any tricks up my sleeve. No TelePrompter required..."
Roughly two hours before businessman Herman Cain is scheduled to take the stage at CPAC, he still doesn't know exactly what he's going to say.

Cain told Hotline on Call that he prefers when giving major speeches to let the audience dictate his message, a free-wheeling style that's practically unheard of among presidential hopefuls.

"I have some idea of what I'm going to say, of course," Cain said, laughing. "My outline is in my mind. I already know the first 80 percent of what I'm gonna talk about, but that last 20 percent I don't figure out until after I get in front of the audience. I like to get a feel for the audience and read their reaction to certain things, and based upon their reaction I'll decide where to go next."
Cain's speech rocked the crowd. Predictably, the paranoid, race-obsessed left wing is wetting their pants:
Let’s consider the routine. First, Cain enters the stage to Motown music. Then Cain feigns swimming after rolling up his sleeves to show them his black skin and how he is a hardworking negro (not like those other ones). Cain bellows in a preacher affected voice and channels the folksy negro down home accent of his late grandpappy. In the money shot, Cain gives the obligatory “black folks who are not Republicans are on the plantation” speech to the joyous applause of his White benefactors. And he doubles down by legitimating any opposition to President Barack Obama as virtuous and patriotic regardless of the bigoted well-springs from which it may flow.
Meanwhile, the daft punks at Politico pretend to be nonplussed:
He had one or two memorable lines, such as: “Stupid people are ruining America.” But one or two middling zingers do not a credible candidate make. Given his flat performance, Cain’s going to have to work extra-hard going forward to win a place in the 2012 process.
I marvel at the lengths to which white liberals will go to abuse and discredit their black conservative enemies. They rarely treat white conservatives in the same demeaning fashion.

Unlike the Democratic activists who write for Politico, John Hayward actually witnessed the speech:
He was a formidable presence when he took the stage on Friday.

Other people talk or shout from the stage, but Cain sings. He doesn’t deliver lines to them like Mitt Romney, or feed off their energy like Donald Trump. He belts out the music of his vision, and invites the audience to sing along, or at least tap their feet to his rhythm...

He mentioned he has lived on this Earth for 65 years, but when he sings of America, he loses fifteen years in the blink of an eye.

More reactions to Herman Cain's CPAC speech:

The Boston Herald: "...Riveting."

The Right Scoop: "Herman Cain gave an electric speech..."

"Herman Cain Rocks CPAC"

Nice Deb: "...Herman Cain is my pick for 2012. Listen to this, and tell me if don’t agree."

Finally, more hate-filled trepidation from the left.

Vintage footage: Herman Cain vs. Bill Clinton...

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  1. Well, he's definitely on the rise... I'll sure give him a serious look, so far so good

  2. It was a great speech. I've heard his radio show, too. He's an impressive guy.

  3. If you like Cain, please give him a little extra support. The left will work extra hard to bring him down because he is black.

  4. Wow, I could listen to Herman Cain all day.


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