Green classroom too cold for use, but the program is a great success?

By Sam Foster

Here’s the “chicken or the egg” question for liberals; what’s more important the results or the program?

Liberal politicians in Britain were faced with such a situation when a 100% green, “sustainable” classroom became an empty freeze box this winter. Apparently, there is not enough energy on liberal’s green earth to actually heat the room in the English tundra.

When faced with the reality of this project’s epic fail, do you think the results or the program was more important?

Headteacher Jill Hughes defended the project and said she hoped classes would be held in the classroom when the weather gets warmer.

She said: ‘We’re delighted to have the Living Ark - its a tremendous resource both for the school and the local community and is an important part of the Muswell Hill low carbon zone initiative.’

Of course, the program is more important, which is why people in communist countries starve while central planners play monopoly.

Via Memeorandum


  1. The problem with solar energy in northern Europe is the lack of solar activity... Winter days are shorter and there is not very much sunshine... even the summers are not so sunny!

  2. Unfortunately I know the answer to the chicken or egg question: for liberals, it is always the the intentions and never the results that matter. What an epic fail, great story example of this!


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