Glenn Beck.... Is He Soon to Become Irrelevant?

by: Les Carpenter
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Forgive me AP for the copy and paste of the above Beck image. However, Rational Nation USA is thinking it is a fair representation of the following commentary. And since Mr. Beck is a public figure anyway should not all photo shots of his smiling face be public property anyway? At least that is how I, the father of , Independent Conservatism has always perceived the main {lame} stream media to view public property: you all know, in the collective sense, right?

It is indeed unfortunate that the man who wrote the modern version of "Common Sense", and who drew me to his sound principles and arguments against statism, has slipped so far to the theatrical side of the media business.

While I in fact find myself in agreement with some of his premises with respect to the dangers of Islamic jJihadism, Dear Leader's tendency for statism, and the validity of the founding principles, I also find myself disengaging from his theatrical display of emotionalism.

It is surely most unfortunate that a man with the innate intellectual capacity to understand reality allows himself to slide into the irrational, mystical, and raw emotionalism usually reserved to the least educated {or most liberal} in our midst.

As much as I hope Beck eventually pulls himself back to the place where educated and concerned Americans will listen to, as well as value his views, I am not holding my breathe. I believe Beck may have become so full of himself in the role of the entertainer he may actually believe himself infallible. If so it is indeed sad to witness a man with such promise at one time now looking at the brink of irrelevancy.

The above are, of course, just my views. But mostly they are my wishes for Glenn's successful revisiting of his beginning in the media/political arena and why I found him relevant four years ago.

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  1. I stopped watching Beck a long time ago; way too over the top for my taste.

  2. I think Beck is becoming irrelevant. I haven't watched the show in months and when I do, I am turned off by the presentation. I understand that he has done a LOT of good work but his evolution is not in my tastes...

    I reccommend that you watch Judge Napolitano's show on Fox Business every night instead, it's the best political show on tv (in my opinion).

  3. Tim -I too seldom watch Beck anymore. I find it unfortunate that an individual with his capacity has in effect "got lost" and as a result chosen to "drive the bus over the cliff."

    With respect to Judge Napolitano.... What can I say except to echo your thoughts. Total agreement here.

  4. Glenn Beck will continue to gain traction with ordinary people like myself especially if he is now being attacked from the conservatives. I am tired of the lame left right debate which is used more as a distraction than anything real. While Glenn may be over the top and he is a bit too dramatic for my taste his basic tenant is positive (e4) and he provides information which is difficult to get from any other source.

  5. I'm wondering if he might have fallen off the wagon.


  6. I don't agree with all that Beck says, but I would rather have him on "our" side than not.
    I have watched his programs for the past 3 months. I find what he has shown to be very much worth considering. And it is hard to discredit the words of those he has exposed.


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