Considering Romney for 2012 Anyone?

by: Les Carpenter
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With Mitt Romney a likely 2012 presidential candidate, his Massachusetts Healthcare Plan, hereafter called RomneyCare, is certainly to become an issue. In fact Mike Huckabee is already calling for Romney to admit his plan is a failure:
"Ever since the debate over (the national) program began, it’s been compared to RomneyCare, the failed statewide health-care program implemented by none other than my fellow GOP member Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts,” Huckabee says in the book.

“Any critical assessment of this program will show that it failed … and yet the Obama administration decided to emulate it in its pursuit of a national health-care program.”
Romney, through his spokesperson, said he was very proud he was able to get all residents covered when he was Governor of Massachusetts.
"Mitt Romney is proud of what he accomplished for Massachusetts in getting everyone covered,”

“What's important now is to return to the states the power to determine their own healthcare solutions by repealing Obamacare," Fehrnstrom added. "A one-size-fits-all plan for the entire nation just doesn't work.”

What is at issue here of course is not whether RomneyCare really works or whether it is a failure in Massachusetts. However, having said this, indications are it is not that successful and is placing a strain on the state. From this perspective the federal government certainly ought to take another look at ObamaCare as it is modeled to some degree after RomneyCare. The challenges in court by several states are all well-and-good {albeit ultimately they will likely render little and be a waste of state taxpayer dollars}. However, repeal is the only realistic path to overturning the flawed legislation..

What is important is to note how Romney is positioning himself as he gears up for a presidential run in 2012. As the architect of RomneyCare his "political ego" will not allow him room to criticize his own plan. On the other hand Romney is shrewdly playing the "states rights" meme as he argues that what works for any individual state will not work nationally as a one-size fits-all "sock."

Romney is without a doubt a shrewd pol. While he demonstrated conservative credentials by cutting budgetary items while governor he also engineered in MA. the plan that is the darling of all progressives. As a presidential candidate he will position himself as a advocate of giving the states more power over matters and presumably keeping the feds less involved.

The upcoming campaign for the Republican party standard bearer in 2012 should prove to be interesting and entertaining. Romney will campaign well. Without a party favorite, as RINO McCain was, he will likely be more aggressive and he will go the distance this time.

As a MA. state resident, my take is Romney is a RINO in different clothing. For what it's worth.

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  1. IF Romney is the GOP choice, I'll vote Libertarian for the first time. That's assuming Alaska hasn't seceded by then.

  2. This man is a striped pants / pink shirt rino with all the wrong reasons for running. I will stand with Herman Cain first every day of the week. He is a real man with real values and a real plan!

  3. I'm as conservative as they come...yet, I trust Romney to do the job. Romney was my man last time around. Are there better options this time around? Yes. But, it's going to be Romney on the ticket and he CAN beat Obama on a fair playing field....He's smart, fiscal, and he will prove to be great! Voters, in particular, conservative voters MUST stay smart and focused on The Goal of getting Crazy Obama OUT! That's going to mean checking the Republican box, no matter who's name is there!

  4. Yeah, well pedaling, there will be a primary election first... So during this period, it will be RINO hunting season...
    Romney comes from an area that is too blue! Very likely, "RomneyCare" is the reason he was elected in a blue state. Compromiser!
    Thanks for the info Les.. Who can know more about him than a resident of his state?

  5. I could be wrong...and it's okay if I am, but I'm betting Romney will come out of the Primary as our nominee. I'd be great with a more tea party type, though.


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