Carl Paladino to run in NY-26 special?

By Sam Foster

Yes, my congressman posed shirtless on Craigslist…But at least Democrat Eric Massa, NY-29, snorkeled a few seamen before resigning in disgrace last year.

I hope you weren’t eating.

While I see a lot of talk about how goofy Lee’s gaffe was, there is not a lot of talk about the likely obvious reason Lee resigned so quickly. I was emailing Karen at Lonely Conservative earlier today (one of the few conservative Upstate NY bloggers like myself) and we were both stunned that Lee would quit so quickly and quietly. Honestly, if this had happened to Obama, his picture would be in Vogue with Obamabots drooling over his well defined pecs.

Thus the obvious answer, as was the case with Eric Massa before him, is that Lee is in it up to his neck and Craigslist is just the tip of the iceberg. Lee and Republicans want to kill the story with the Craigslist photos, before we find out, as the late Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.”

Regardless, I’m sick of the “Republicans are corrupt” “Democrats are corrupt” hogwash that will get spun from all of this. Corruption is not owned by any one political party, IT IS BIPARTISAN. It also happens to flourish within the Party in power at the time (today that is Democrats) and anyone, majority or minority, who has any significant power in government (that would be Republicans and Democrats alike).

But wait Sam, your title is about Carl Paladino.

According to Jimmy Vielkind at the Times Union, Republicans are lobbying heavily for Carl Paladino.

Yes, Paladino won just about every county and area encompassed in NY-26. Yes, that is despite all the well known and publicized faux pas. The area seems to like that guy. Oh, and no, he’s not going to run to replace Chris Lee.

It looks like the establishment Republicans are pushing hard for Jane Corwin. Stay Tuned!


  1. Screwing around on your wife isn't corruption. It's certainly evidence of it, though.

  2. "snorkelled a few seamen..."

    I think I just lost my appetite! What kind of an idiot would post a sex ad on Craigslist, seriously?


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