Big Waves From Around The Planet

By LCR Contributor Barrel Rider

A huge swell off the Southwestern shores of Belharra, France produced some epic big waves this week, making the Euro zone the place to be for many big wave surfers.

Globally the winter months tend to bring some mammoth swells to the Pacific Ocean. This winter has yet to produce many of the heart-pounding, adreneline draining, death defying sets that typically break at spots like the North Shore (Oahu), Kauai, Maui, Tahiti, Mavericks and Cortes Banks. How do these monsters of mother nature manifest? Well, it all begins with wind.

Below are a few videos of such incredible waves. Watching people ride them is quite surreal.

-Mike Parsons Jaws (Hawaii)

-Laird Hamilton Teahupoo (Tahiti)

And of course, North County's (San Diego) very own classic....Swami's

Like I always tell my wife..."Other than a whole bunch of stuff that can hurt or kill you, what's not to love about the ocean"


  1. Ah, to be that young again! Brings back fond memories of blow hole...
    The second video was as you said "surreal"!
    Thanks... Now where did I leave my Hobie?

  2. Barrel Rider, thanks for that compilation and... no way, no how, never in a bazillion years. I got sweaty palms just watching the Parsons ride. good lord.


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