Arizona and Illegal Immigration Again in the Spotlight

by: Les Carpenter
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I must confess, the left has a way of perpetually amusing the more reasonable and forever pandering to those that can put and keep them in power. At the expense of the American Republic.

Arizona, in continuing its attempt to respond legislatively to control the steady stream of illegal, and thus criminal, immigration is once again vilified by a pandering and bleeding heart cadre of leftist hyperbole.

Of course the illegal and criminal immigration goes beyond just Arizona. As we know the apparently impotent Federal Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization and its enforcement arm has essentially done little to nothing to stop and control the flood of illegals into the country.

This from NYT's opinion page.

Arizona made itself ground zero for a new nativism last year with a radical policing law that encouraged racial profiling and declared the mass expulsion of undocumented immigrants to be official state policy. This led to boycotts, slumping tourism and convention business, and lawsuits, including one by the Obama administration. Yet Arizona’s current legislative session is overstuffed with nativist bills, several of which passed through committee on Tuesday in an “omnibus” measure.

They include:

A bill to chop up the 14th Amendment to deny citizenship to children born in Arizona to undocumented mothers. A bill requiring hospitals to check every patient’s citizenship status, turning doctors and nurses into the immigration police. A bill to deny education to undocumented children by requiring proof of citizenship to enroll in any public or private school. A bill to criminalize driving by illegal immigrants, and to evict them from public housing. This will fix nothing, and do real harm.

The birthright citizenship bill interprets the 14th Amendment in a way no federal court or Congress ever has. The state would issue a different type of birth certificate to babies whose parents lack papers. It’s a nonexistent problem; women are not sneaking over the border to have babies who — when they turn 21 — may be able to sponsor them for green cards. The plan will not drive away illegal immigrants, but it would turn generations of young Americans into deportable criminals.

The Supreme Court has ruled that undocumented children have a right to primary education, because the country is not served by perpetuating an illiterate underclass. And yet Arizona’s elected leaders persist in their assault on that principle. The bills’ sponsors don’t seem to care about the damage they do. They are bent on inflaming the anxieties in a changing country, even when crime is down in border cities and immigration has tapered off. New Census data shows America’s population growing more slowly than it has since the 1930s — another era of rampant bigotry and racial scapegoating.

We hope the angry Arizonans, and the rest of the country, will soon return to their values. Citizenship by birth and assimilation of newcomers are central to the American experiment. All that separates our newest immigrants from previous waves is the lack of a working system to assimilate them.

Arizona ought to be applauded for its stance and commitment to doing what should have been long ago by the feds. Foreigners gaining entrance into the United States from foreign lands is not a right, it is rather a privilege and should be considered as such.

What it is the left fails to understand about the concept of "illegal immigrant or alien" who knows, but it seems to be quite prevalent among the feeble of heart. On the other hand, and to be fair, the conservative business community that has perpetuated the problem by knowingly employing illegals in defiance of the law ought to have their proverbial criminal a*ses handed to them as well.

Arizona and its law, based on SB 1070 which really mirrors existing federal law, is reasonable, it is the right approach, and it ought to become the basis on which to effectively reinvigorate federal immigration law and enforcement.

The left has it wrong.... again.

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  1. As a resident of AZ, I welcome the crackdown. What is truly at issue here is whether or not the rule of law matters and we all know that is not the case at the federal level, so AZ is doing the best that it can at the state level.

    Think the next step would be to call out the militia to stop the boarder invasion. Any state has the right to self protection from a foreign invader, which is the current situation in Southern AZ. It is insane that the Joker and Big Sis have only put up warning signs to Americans to stay clear of the territory ceded to the drug runners. I fully understand that the Mexican government can do nothing to stop it, so until the feds get off their butts Gov. Brewer should call for the militia to defend our boarder.

    See how that plays in Washington and Mexico City or at the UN. None of which have any problem with strong boarder or trespass enforcement. Why should the people of AZ not have their life, liberty and property protected by the federal government, which is suppose to be one of their main purposes for existence. Since they have failed to fulfill their duty it fails to the citizens of AZ and their elected officials to stop the invasion and restore order and not reward lawlessness. I fully support legal immigration and a path to citizenship, but until we seal and protect our board from invasion there is no room to talk.

  2. At first I see from the NYT opinion page, Characterizing the new law as "radical"... Is it now? They want to shape the opinion in the very first sentence! Never any mention of the term "illegal" until the end of the third paragraph and even the it is well into spinning the 14th amendment to further shape opinion to avoid the main issue. Illegal!
    If we allow immigration to law breakers, what message will they get about all the other laws of the land?
    Of course, one could argue, why not? Even the POTUS has no regard for obeying our laws and constitution... Not to mention his cronies and many other politicians throughout the land.
    I say that Arizona has it right and we should be in support of it. This issue goes along with the issue in Wisconsin. It cost us the taxpayers money we should not have to pay. It's my money! I have more right to it than anyone else!!!

  3. "Citizenship by birth and assimilation of newcomers are central to the American experiment". Both parts are incorrectly correlated. First of all, the 14th Amendement state by "birth" and "under the jurisdiction thereof". In otherwords they are subject to the jurisdiction of the US, and since these parents aren't citizens nor under the jurisdiction thereof as they are under the guise of the Mexican, or courtry of orgin, government (hence why many go to the Mexican embassy for legal aid when caught which proves the point they're not under the jurisdiction thereof"). This was worded so not to give birthrights but for slaves to gain citizenship as their parent's weren't technically citizens, but were under the jurisdiction of the US as well, thus are citizens. The fact the court has been using only the birth rights, but not the jurisdiction, lipnus demonstrate they've been violating the 14th amendment, not abiding by it.

    As for the assimination, I would agree but they're not assiminating. In fact, there are many parts in Florida and California that you can't do business nor even engage in government meetings unless you read, write and speak Spanish. We teach Latino history and their culture awareness with celebrations like Cinco De Mayo which isn't even celebrated in Mexico except in one providence. They have more rights as they're stealing land from farmers and ranchers that defend their land from their illegal invasion not to mention the occupation of US LANDS by the Mexican drug cartels and the government STOPS US CITIZENS from acting against them. They get complete socialized rights to medicine and education while contributing nothing and in their language no less and by the guides of their culture. The left wonders why their are such divisions in this country it's because we're being invaded and siding with the invaders using the 14th amendment as their weapon against the US citizen. Yes, there is bigotry involved, Lation bigotry and the bigotry of left in their war against whites and the American culuture and rule of law government. Thus the acts of lack of enforcements of the federal laws on the books aren't only criminal negligence by our federal government, but unconstitutional as well.


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