America The Conservative

Today Gallup released new poll results that show that America is still overwhelmingly conservative. A summary of Gallup's findings:
  • In the nation as a whole, Americans are about twice as likely to identify as conservative as they are to identify as liberal...
  • Conservatives outnumber liberals in every U.S. state.
  • Only in the District of Columbia do liberal identifiers exceed conservative identifiers.
And yet...

Our liberal president, formerly the most liberal member of the Senate, is lurching to the statist left, again.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now at the top the list of the U.S. Senate's most liberal senators.

And the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives is one of the most liberal congresscritters in the land.

Democrats do not flinch in their quest to acquire undiluted statist power for the liberal left.

But Republicans are reluctant to respond to the demands of the voters by offering a clear alternative. Rather than diminish the size and scope of the state, many of the darlings of the Republican establishment and their admirers in the GOP punditry would prefer to water down the conservative movement.

Republican good ol' boys shy away from the conservative label and call for compromise even before negotiations begin. They call for a self-imposed unilateral truce on difficult issues. They offer to help their self-declared enemies. They praise the opposition.

They want a clear and easy path to power.

The unmitigated liberal statism of our federal government is not a reflection of the values of the citizens of this country, but of the power-greedy ruling class of both parties and of the cowardice of the Republican party.

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  1. Ok, but what does conservative mean? That is what I would like to know. Because I find the country to be center right. Most people that are true conservatives call those people Rinos.

  2. I am suspect of the labels and the way the polling is done. Many people who answer the pollster as conservative are also against changing any existing entitlements and in fact, favor new ones. Makes one ask, what is the definition that those answering would agree to.

  3. I think that a conservative has an appreciation for traditional American values, including the Bill of Rights and Natural Law. Conservatives believe in American exceptionalism and embrace the idea of the American Dream. They believe in individual responsibility. They think government should live within its means. They believe in peace through strength. The believe in free enterprise.

    For some, these values and beliefs are based on considerable thought and a well-rounded education. For others, it's a more intuitive understanding.

    I don't have a problem with marginally involved people at the center-right who have muddled views. They may not be politically savvy and they may not obsess about politics every day, so they might have some inconsistent beliefs. They might not fully appreciate the looming entitlement crisis. That's fine. With good conservative leadership, they can be persuaded to help move in the country in the right direction.

    The problem with RINOs doesn't come from those who are barely involved. In fact, the GOP/Conservative tent should be big enough to accommodate those people.

    The problem with RINOs comes from those who insist on taking leadership positions. (The people who should know better...the people who know enough about politics to know that their muddled positions aren't actually good for the country.)

    I have a problem with RINOs in leadership positions because they know that they're taking their positions for reasons of expedience. They're looking for the quickest and easiest way to obtain and retain power.

    (And if these "leaders" are genuinely too stupid to see that their compromises with their good friends on the left are hurting this country, they have no business in positions of leadership.)

    Having said all that, I don't have a problem with GOP leaders who vote near the middle of the spectrum to represent the views of their constitents, IF, when necessary, they can muster the courage to nudge their constituents toward principled conservative positions that will make our nation stronger (i.e. leadership!)

    I think our country is in too precarious a position for us to tolerate statist GOP shenanigans as much as we have in the past. If the Republic is to survive, we'll need to be increasingly intolerant of weak, confused and opportunistic Republicans who have an insatiable appetite for power and big government.

  4. We should be encouraged by the fact that people are attracted to the conservative label, even if they don't always know exactly what that means with regard to every single issue. As long as the conservative brand is strong, our work is a bit easier.


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