Where were the media and cries of civility when...

By Sam Foster


By now you've probably heard all the charges and nuances to the immutable truth that liberal media is using the AZ shooting incident to score political points, but regardless, I can't think of any claim more hypocritical or despicable than the media's howls for civility.


After all, where was the media when…


…Lauren Valle suspiciously stepped up to Senator Rand Paul vehicle and violently shoved a Moveon.org sign into the candidate's face?


The media, in its "fairness," chose to focus on the outcome instead of the context and was quick to burn a Rand Paul supporter who purportedly stomped on Valle in an effort to subdue her until authorities came to arrive.  It wasn't until the full video was released that the truth was revealed and the stories of violence from the media miraculously petered out. 


But, the recent events in AZ casts October's scuffle into new light. 


Lauren Valle was in fact, part of a major attack campaign instigated by Moveon.org called Republicorp.  The movement featured an internet video depicting a post apocalyptic world created by the election of republicans in 2010.  The video is at least "uncivil" if not more so than the rhetoric found at Tea Parties.  Although, I'd be willing to wager money that reporters view the campaign as clever as opposed to a "climate of hate."  Unlike AZ, the rhetoric is directly involved with Valle's actions, namely departing from peaceful, legal protest to physical assault.


I'm no stomper-denier, but there are legions of assault-omissioners in the media.  No one questioned Valle's civility, or the rhetoric of Moveon.org to date. 
In fact, one of Giffords' own supporters working on a Republicorps project choked a conservative activist.
Without even trying, I've directly linked two violent incidents from the left to leftwing political propaganda.


And where was the media when…


Dr. Jill Rowland, Republican congressional candidate for NY-28 was threatened by a man with a knife?  Although I have no direct link as in the instance above involving Rand Paul, the incident did occur after Moveon's Republicorp campaign began.


You are probably scratching your head, because only two blogs and no news media, covered the story when it broke.  I even emailed the tip to many NY news contacts in the statewide news publications, all of whom have covered tips sent by me in the past.  None were interested.  One reporter from NY Daily News responded to me that they found the incident "appalling," but apparently not appalling enough to cover.


The day before the election, Dr. Rowland talked about the incident with Fox News, in which she charged:


…if something like this had happened to someone on the Democratic side or on the liberal side, this would have probably been splashed all over the media. And instead, there's definitely a double standard that we're seeing with conservatives, especially conservative women.


It is instructive that the first rightwing figure to be charged as responsible for the AZ shooting was none other than a conservative woman Sarah Palin.


Pleas for civility?  This story couldn't even get covered by local papers.  Besides, where was the media when…


…Democrat politicians and staff were attacking voters? 


A few weeks prior to the election, I published a colorful article at PJM detailing the acts and threats of violence from Democratic lawmakers and their campaigns in only a single year.  The most horrific act was perpetrated by Maurice Hinchey who shouted at a reporter right before he choked him.  There was minimal coverage by state press and absolutely none from the NY Times.


Coincidentally, only moments before the choking, Maurice Hinchey had divulged on an incoherent, Loughner-like tirade about some conspiracy he'd concocted where President Bush allowed Bin Laden to escape as an excuse to invade Iraq.


Is it too much to ask the media to demand civility from a liberal lawmaker who choked a reporter?


You may have forgotten, but where was the media when


…Republicans were crying for political civility after Eric Cantor's office had been shot by an anti-Semite who had threatened the congressman?


The media strangely fell silent and after nearly two weeks of reporting bricks threw windows unrelated to health care and gas grill damage as "serious threats."


The media is good at demanding civility, right up to the point where the right is the target of violence and then the subject sinks into an obscure hibernation.

Our media's good friend civility; welcomed when violence lurks at the left's door and ignored when directed at the right.


  1. Where was the media when an Al Gore follower took hostages at the Discovery Channel?

  2. How civil was Congressman Bob Etheridge when he assaulted a student for asking a question?


    Or Charlie Rangel cursing someone bold enough to question his ethics and spending?


  3. Your question "where was the media?" I tell you the media was/is...in the same place it has always been. Serving the powerful in D.C. with contorted news/opinion and serving pablum to the citizens of this country.

    We, the citizens can donate our lives, give up our wealth, adhere to "Their Standards" which are not within the boundaries of the Constitution, but God beware... we are not allowed to question the MEDIA. The media has always been "used" (whoreish) and abused by the powerfully political.

    We, the people have been fed just what THEY wanted us to eat. NO MORE... the people are awake; we now have uncensored news via blogs and "crazy" talk radio, i.e. Beck and etc; we are reading; we are listening; we are taking charge; and WE WILL NOT give up our rights. The MSM will continue proving what prostitutues and what gigilos they have always been.


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