Weekend Aggragated Links (FMJRA)

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's been a while since I thanked those that link here and help run this site. We are still suffering from Holiday Traffic Suckage but slowly clawing our way back. Networking with our allies better in 2011 will be a big part of growing this site.


Thanks to the hosts who linked
LCR the most this week:

Full Metal Patriot: FMP is feeling better (thanks for the links!)

Eye of Polyphemus: FMJR

The Other McCain: Best. Republican. Scandal. Evah! (of course, RSM gets instalanched, resulting in an LCR-IBP)

Pundit and Pundette: Thanks for the featured blog placement, Jill!

The Week: The Week links T. Christopher's Bachmann cross-post

Yahoo News: The Week Bachmann post

Weekend Reads at LCR's Best Traffic Referrals:

Doug Ross: Media Matter embarrasses its Marxist self

The Other McCain: Stacy defending Daily Caller?

Mean ol' Meany: SEO and a hot chick

Pundit & Pundette: NYC Ground Zero of the abortion crisis

Riehl World View: Rand Paul is right (in my opinion)

Weasel Zippers: More Paul Ryan awesomeness

Legal Insurrection: Marco Rubio/Paul Ryan ticket?

Proof Positive: Moonbats and Taxes

Libertarian Republican: Grand ol' Gay Party (Breitbart edition)

Beers with Demo: Shanty Town, USA

Rational Nation: An honest discussion

Yankee Phil: Above my pay grade Obama

Right Klik: For his general awesomeness and help

Proof: for the same and Rational Nation too. Don't forget T. Christopher too

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Full Metal Patriot: Catherine Zeta Jones

Eye of Polyphemus: Anne Hathaway

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