(VIDEO) Russian Motorcyclist's Insane Moscow Commute

by the Left Coast Rebel

Wow, this is something else:

Background on the Moscow motorcycle commuter from Conservative Perspective:

This video of a biker on his daily commute through Moscow's rush hour will make those of you who have endured a walking-pace grind into work open-mouthed with disbelief (and probably more than a little jealous).

We've brought you stories in the past of the erratic state of both Moscow's roads and its drivers, so this chap's riding to work in a way that would be deemed reckless if you rode like it on Grand Theft Auto is jaw-slackeningly extraordinary.

We're not, of course, defending driving like this - but it is impressive stuff. Like the title of the vid says (at least according to the translation offered by denizens of the webosphere) - "a couple of minutes of my life could be more interesting than the whole life of the other people". Quite...


  1. That motorcycle lane sure was narrow and too close to the middle for me!

  2. One of these days he will go splat. He won't find that very interesting.


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