(VIDEO) JesusHatesObama.com's Super Bowl "Jesus Hates Obama" Ad Banned?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I came across this video this morning at BBCW, apparently it was created by folks at a website called "Jesus Hates Obama":

Hmm, an Obama bouncing head bobble head, a Jesus figurine, a fish bowl, t-shirts and merchandise? Strange, indeed.

The ad was being considered to run in the 2011 Super Bowl but has been rejected:

(Fox 40)FOX News is often considered slanted to the right politically. However, the network itself may be trying to stay away from the right or left in their recent decision to ban a Super Bowl ad.

An ad created by the group "Jesus Hates Obama" was submitted to the network to air during Super Bowl XLV.

On their website, the group claims they do not actually think Jesus hates Obama, but they say they "do believe in freedom ... as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty t-shirts". The site sells a varity of hates, shirts and other items with the phrase "Jesus Hates Obama".

Organizers were prepared to pay the pricey amount to air their spot during the Super Bowl. However, several online sources are reporting the ad was rejected, and on the group's youtube site they call it the "2011 Banned Super Bowl Commercial".
I always trust my gut and think that this "group" -- Jesus Hates Obama -- or JesusHatesObama.com knew full well, all along, that their "Super Bowl ad" would be rejected but that it nevertheless create controversy and hits to their site.

Mission accomplished, it seems.

Updated: The website JesusHatesObama.com is dead, I wonder why?

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