(VIDEO) Arnold Schwarzenegger Glosses over Record of Failure in Lame Final Address

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is just so pathetic, but oh-so unsurprising. Arnold's leftist Republicanism played a heavy hand in the incredible decline of the Once Golden State despite the ambiguous platitudes offered in his final address.

What a joke:

Funny that the Youtube video of Schwarzenegger's final address to duh-peepah of Kall-ee-fo-nia is exactly 4:20 long as the Governator apparently thinks most of the state is high as a kite and thinks we don't see his true record of abysmal failure on every front.

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  1. Hasta la vista, baby... And good riddance!
    What a piece of whale dung...

  2. Good bye and good riddence. Now we're going to get a moonbat that will make Arnold look like George Washington in comparison.


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