Those Tea Party Nut-Jobs Won't Shut Up!

When I was thinking last night about what I might post today, I decided to make a prediction for the new year. I wanted to talk about the inevitable waves of Tea Party antipathy that would come crashing down when it finally becomes obvious that the Tea Partiers are serious about holding the newly elected Republicans accountable.

Okay, I know ― easy prediction...

But I thought the emm-ess-emm would at least wait until after the new congress was sworn in to begin forcefully pushing the "Please ignore crazy Uncle TeaBag" meme.

I have to say the New York Times is totally awesome. They never take a moment to rest from their relentless crusade. The new waves are cresting already.

Complete with a carefully selected picture that makes leading Tea Party activists look like they're suffering from some kind of psychoneurological disorder, the Times is ahead of schedule in their campaign to marginalize the post-election Tea Party movement.

While grudgingly pointing to some early Tea Party victories, the Times celebrated the orgy of lame duck legislation that flouted the results of the November elections. One of the New York Times' statist handmaidens summarizes the prog perspective:
...the people in the grassroots are failing to recognize that they are walking into the 112th Congress with unrealistic expectations and a complete misunderstanding of how things work in Washington. With a Democratic Senate and President, the ability of Republicans in the House simply aren’t going to be able to get their agenda enacted into law in a “pure” form. Either they’ll have to compromise, or they won’t get anything done at all.
"Nothing" sounds pretty darn good to me. Judge Gideon Tucker's famous quote, "No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session,” still echoes through the halls of Congress.

If the Tea Party movement is going to have any impact on American politics in the years to come, it’s going to have to grow up and learn that sometimes you have to take a 50% victory and all (sic) it a day.
Gee, golly!

Good points. Especially the one about 50% victory! In response, I'll quote a wise latina:
It’s a good thing nobody paid attention to the original Tea Party of 1773. God, those idiots needed to grow up! They thought you could run a country without a monarchy or any other soul-crushing status regime. They were totally unwilling to compromise. They were all “Live free or die!” and “Don’t tread on me!” What a bunch of politically naive rubes…

Modern American Tea Partiers so need to accept reality. We can’t expect a future in which our children continue living with all of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Five out of ten would be a pretty good deal. Get real already…

Unalienable rights? Surely you jest.

The tea partiers also need to deal with the fact that sooner or later, America will go the way of Greece. Bankruptcy is an inevitability. So if we’re going to go bankrupt anyway, why not go down with a few nice goodies like interminable unemployment benefits?

Fiscal responsibility? What a absurd, juvenile idea. Those Tea Party racists can kiss my hairy yellow butt.

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PS: There's no such thing as a "50% victory" when the man in the White House thinks that you're his enemy. It's all or nothing, baby! You can thank Obama for that.


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  1. RK: You and your readers may enjoy my post today. I compare/contrast a TEA PARTY DEMOCRAT Resolution list for 2011 vs a PELOSI DEMOCRATIC PARTY list. I think you will find it both illuminating and entertaining -- at least I hope so. :)


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