Surprise...Obama to Avoid Tough Choices for Social Security During SOTU Speech

by the Left Coast Rebel

How many of you are tired of the talking head chatter (even on the right) of Obama's impending "move to the center"? I mean, after all they point to the Bush era tax rate extension Obama compromise as a future-indicating event, when in fact Obama rolled the lame duck RINOs and won that one, getting everything that he wanted and more due to the stupidity of the establishment GOP.

That's why it's ludicrous to me that there was plenty of talking bobblehead chatter recently regarding O's second SOTU speech and a prediction that O would take on cutting Social Security/raising the retirment age/decreasing benefits during the speech.

Do our conservative sisters and brothers forget that this guy's mentor was a communist, that he learned his trade as a community organizer local neighborhood-looter/shakedown-scam-artist and that he simply does not have the ability to go outside the box of far-left ideology?

Lo and behold, he's not going to even touch Social Security tonight -- or any approach to reining in spending -- and we shouldn't be surprised.

Washington Post

The direction of Obama's speech became apparent over the weekend, when the White House informed Democratic lawmakers and advocates for the elderly that he would not endorse the commission's recommendation to raise the retirement age and make other cuts to Social Security - the single largest federal program.

Liberals, who have been alarmed by Obama's recent to shift to the center and his effort to court the nation's business community, applauded the decision, arguing that Social Security cuts are neither necessary to reduce current deficits nor a wise move politically. Polls show that large majorities of Americans in both parties - even in households that identify themselves as part of the tea party movement - oppose cutting Social Security benefits.

It is also dishonest to project that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose fixing/cutting or phasing out and privatizing Social Security. I think that Americans will get behind the right thing for the country and our freedoms when the alternative Greece-esque situation is honestly debated.

Youn(ish) people like me think that SS is a Ponzy scheme that fleeces younger earners and that being forced into the system -- without potential compensation -- is an infringement of our liberties.

Debate over at memeorandum.


  1. Tim, you know this is going to be the second campaign kick off speech, the first being the Tuscon memorial speech.

  2. Bill - you are totally right, I won't watch it but will read the transcript later, I don't think I will be able to stomach it.


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