Recycled Hope

By RightKlik

One thing on the pep rally-disguised-as-a-memorial on Wednesday night. I happened to, as I have been told, anger a lot of people yesterday by saying that the president delayed the memorial while waiting for the polling data to come in and the T-shirts to get printed. Well, guess what? I was right on both counts. The polling data shows, as you know, that the American people do not associate conservative rhetoric with what happened out in Arizona. In fact, there's a Quinnipiac poll out that shows a majority of America don't think that; but that 54% of Americans think that the worst of the political rhetoric comes from the left, comes from Democrats. The second thing was they had to wait to get the T-shirts printed. And that's true. Not only that, they had to wait to get a new logo for the T-shirts...

It turns out that "Together We Thrive" comes from the Organizing for America website, which is Obama's website. It was written by John Berry IV. John Berry's blog, Together We Thrive, February 11th, 2008. So they reheated an old idea. The whole point of this was a pep rally or a political rally for Obama...

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  1. Strange that the memorial was not in a church?


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