Potential Up and Comer in National Politics

New Mexico Gov.-elect Susana Martinez, right, with Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, is a rising star in national Republican circles, already being mentioned in the blogosphere as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2012. (Denis Poroy, AP / November 17, 2010)

by Les Carpenter
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It is of course way to early to tell, but...  Susan Martinez , New Mexico's new Republican Governor is planning to focus on the right agenda for difficult times. While focusing on cutting wasteful spending she is also committed to reversing the policy of issuing driver licences to illegal immigrants.

"We have to start cutting back on the wasteful spending," Martinez said in a telephone interview last week as she drove to her hometown of Las Cruces. She wants to sell the state's $5.5-million jet, pare administrative costs in the education budget and put the state's generous film industry incentives under the microscope.

Martinez is also considering scaling back the Rail Runner Express commuter train service and is looking to privatize operations at Spaceport America, where Virgin Galactic soon hopes to launch suborbital space flights. She has also promised to reverse a policy of issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants and to fight for reinstatement of the death penalty.

Each of these proposals could be seen as a repudiation of Richardson and his expansive approach to state government. "We're asking people to cut back and not spend as much, but government has not been able to do that," Martinez said.

Martinez defeated her Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, by a 54% to 46% margin. Sarah Palin, who spoke at one of her campaign rallies,


It Governor Martinez stays true to her initial course she will have a bright future in American politics.

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