(Pictures) (VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi Hands over Gavel to John Boehner and the Republican 112th

by the Left Coast Rebel

I finished watching the historic swearing-in of the 112th Congress. Nancy Pelosi handed over the gavel to (now) Speaker John Boehner:

C-Span image of Pelosi handing over the gavel to Boehner c/o Wake up America

Nancy Pelosi refrained from her famous gaff-tastic proclivities and offered up a fairly gracious welcoming speech to the Republican majority. Unfortunately, she also touted the 111's socialist/progressive accomplishments too and rambled on. She seemed a bit nervous, if not strung-out on something. Boehner held the tears back and told the gathered representatives that, "it's still just me."

I'll have video up of the event as soon as it is available.

Updated: Video via. Mediate:

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  1. Give the government back to the people!
    And no matter how bad the economy is, you can rest assured that I will still vote to raise my own salary! God bless you all!(sniff!) And I promised myself I wouldn't cry!

    John Boner(I mean Boehner)


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