Morning Beat

by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics Across the Blogs:

Maggie's Notebook: Obama amateur hour: Communist propaganda song played at White House

Scratching Post: Philosophically, is it really a victory for Republicans

Pundit and Pundette: Lots more on infanticide doctor Gosnell

Liberator Today: Labor's San Diego misstep

Reaganite Republican: Chinese industrial espionage

The Other McCain: It's Alive!: The "scourge" of libertarianism

Beers with Demo:Whither Walmart

American Power: Breaking news: Moscow suicide bomb

Full Metal Patriot: SOTU speech - some things never change


Get Rich Slowly: The most important factor in retirement savings

WC Varones: Mystery solved between national debt, deficit

Economy Politics: What happened to 15mm jobs in ten years?


Wired: Quantum entanglement could stretch across time

Mashable: Twitter revenue $150mm

Wired: Driving tired driving drunk


Popeater: Elisabetta will never be Mrs. Clooney

Time out Chicago: Oprah's secret is a half sister

TMZ: Lindsay Lohan says she is done with clubbing!

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Theo Spark: Monday Mopsies

Eye of Polyphemus: Jennifer Aniston

Blog of the Day:

The Libertarian Patriot (check it out, new site)

Blog Post of the Day:

Beers with Demo: That big tent just got a little smaller

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