Morning Beat: This is not a Competition!

Hmm, this is not a competition...

by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics Across the Blogs:

Reaganite Republican: Live streaming video of unrest in Cairo

The Other McCain: 8-year-old girl raped by illegal alien

What we Think and Why: Shovel ready stimulus projects

Proof Positive: Airport bans 3-inch plastic rifle from plane

Beers With Demo: Free Captain Elliot's Party Boats Part IV

The Liberator Today: National deficit: more tea leaves

No Sheeples Here: President WTF is no Reagan (click link for Mime image)

Pundit and Pundette: Picking a better century out of your hat

Another Black Conservative: Bye, bye Mike Pence

BBCW: Time insults Reagan

Fisherville Mike: More on Sputnik

Dad 29: When is jihad permissible?

Legal Insurrection: Lawyers, can't live with them, can't live...

Scratching Post: This is not the time to talk about high speed rails and green jobs


Mashable: Linkedin's IPO

The Street: Goldman's 8 best tech stocks for 2011

Sipsey Street Regulars: Economic indicators

Yahoo Finance: Taco Bell fights back on meat attack

Get Rich Slowly: Ask the readers: Should we move to a more expensive area of America?


Wired: Pictures: Sci fi's best robots

Mashable: Facebook for Android gets updated with deals

Wired: Seahorse shape explained

Wired: 8-bit funding helps kick start indie games

Gizmodo: Why the PSP2 is HUGE and why I don't care

Gizmodo: Slow-mo monk throws needle through sheet of glass


Celebslam: Paris' boyfriend could do four years

Celebslam: Porn star tweeted pic of Charlie Sheen's house

TMZ: Surprise! Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital

US Weekly: Kate Perry's diet "sucks"

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Anne Hathaway

Mind-Numbed Robot: Cheryl Cole Tweedy

Libertarian Republican: Libertarian comedian announces run for Miami mayor

Humble Libertarian: Global warming bikini time!

Theo Spark: Bonus Babe

Blog/Post of the Day:

Reaganite Republican: How in the world on God's green earth is Obama in ANY way like Reagan?

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