Morning Beat: Revolution! Revolution!

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the thousands hundreds of leftist turds that gathered in Rancho Mirage to protest limited government/libertarian financiers the Koch brothers:

Politics Across the Blogs:

Hot Air Pundit: What gives? Marco Rubio skipping CPAC

Reaganite Republican: ElBaradei, a "stooge for Iran"

Beers with Demo: Cleanup in aisle K-12

Legal Insurrection: Big law firm takes down big blogger

BBCW: Libtardia, Chris Matthews blames Egypt on Bush

Rational Nation: Does Washington's vision still live today?

Liberator Today: National City schools

Pundit and Pundette: GOP - Bring on the high speed rail!

Libertarian Republican: Koch protester wants Egyptian-esque protest here


Bluegrass Pundit: The European carbon market is still closed?

The Street: Protect your portfolio from the crisis in Egypt

Yahoo Finance: Four radical ways to retire sooner

Economy Politics: What really caused the financial meltdown

Forbes: Four careers headed for the trash pile


TMZ: Charlie Sheen 3-month rehab

Daily Mail: Britney Spears walks down the aisle

Deadline: Javier Bardem, meet Bond #23

People: David Arquette leaves rehab (maybe he'll meet up with Sheen later)


Mashable: 6 biggest items in tech and social media today

Wired: Talking cars coming soon?

Mashable: Android now the most popular smart phone

Gizmodo: Best apps for news junkies

Wired: Inside London's Secret Crisis command bunker

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

The Other McCain: Is Egypt burning?

Eye of Polyphemus: Patsy Kensit

Theo Spark: Monday Mospsies

Last Tradition: New Transformers hottie

Blog of the Day:

Temple of Mut: Ancient artifacts destroyed in Egypt

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