Morning Beat: Obamacare Repeal

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via. Memeorandum, via. the Washington Post:

The House is set to vote today on a repeal of the Democrats' health care law, and we've got a good idea how it's going to turn out.

The bill is widely expected to pass in the GOP-controlled House on a largely party-line vote, will never pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate, and will die the death of the symbolic bill that it is.

But there will be a certain amount of intrigue when the votes come in today -- both because Democrats have been trying to turn the issue against Republicans and because there are 13 Democrats left in Congress who voted against the bill in the first place.

Bring it on, Democrats. Bring it on. The repeal vote today in the House is symbolic but it means a lot. Elections matter. Obamacare will destroy our health care system and insert bueracratic "secretary shall determine" bean counters between you and your doctor. It is a violation of the most basic concepts of privacy and liberty.

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