Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Left Still can't let it go

by the Left Coast Rebel

Gifford Shooting:

Noisy Room: Democrats follow the Socialist Party playbook

Legal Insurrection: Brooks fails to name NYT names

Beers with Demo: Never let a crisis go to waster part 2,431

Fisherville Mike: No labels

Mean ol' Meany: M. Obama is not a child molester

Pundit and Pundette: Thumbs up

BBCW: Clyburn calls for Fairness Doctrine

Maggie's Notebook: More on Clarence Dipstick's culpability

American Power: Left escalates propaganda


Get Rich Slowly: Two stories about retirement planning

Yahoo Finance: Nine reasons to 'say no' to credit in 2011

Humble Libertarian: Toward sensible monetary policy

Scratching Post: Japan vows to save the EU?

Lonely Conservative: More bad news on wages

Rule 5 (Pretty Girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Nicki Sanderson

Theo Spark: Bonus Babe

Last Tradition: Denise Richards bikini holiday


US Weekly: Rachel Zoe's baby, boy or girl?

TMZ: Charlie Sheen off the wagon in Vegas

The Other McCain: Miley Cyrus: Healing America

Blog of the Day:

Temple of Mut: Sheriff Dupnik: Meet Tea Party


  1. Thanks LCR! You just made my day! :)

  2. Thanks for the link, Tim. I'm proud of the way "we" have been hitting back and hitting back relentlessly. Whoa! Was that perhaps some overheated rhetoric. My bad.

  3. Love these round-ups by subject, and thank you very much for including me:-)


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