Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Lobsters Invade D.C.!


by the Left Coast Rebel

Freedom of food in -- of all places -- Washington D.C.:

Various Politics:

BBCW: Why is it ok for rappers to say the 'n' word but not Huck Finn?

And so it goes in Shreveport: The Cost of Reading the Constitution

Legal Insurrection: Ithaca Tea Party? Yes, Virginia

Humble Libertarian: Rebel of the week

Western Hero: Palin-Bachmann: 2012 GOP field

Fisherville Mike: It's still Bush's fault

The Other McCain: NY's Buerkle sworn in

Reaganite Republican: Dede paid off?

Goomba: Nuzzling her soft but strangely leathery neck

JACG: Welcome, Boehner

Yankee Phil: Everything you want to know about Madagascar


Last Tradition: Joy Behar, Bill Press and Margaret Carlson and the Constitution

American Power: REM feminist message?

Maggie's Notebook: More on that homeless man with a great voice


Naked Capitalism: Would you be bullish on a company with five years of negative ROE?

Get Rich Slowly: Drama in real life: When emergencies pile up

Maggie's Notebook: Seized pensions in Europe, is America next?

Yahoo Finance: Four Essential rules for financial success

Rule 5/Pretty Girls:

Theo Spark: Thursday Totty

Eye of Polyphemus: Kaley Cuoco

Beers with Demo: Keeping up with BwD (and a bonus tea party babe)

Blog of the Day:

Liberty Juice

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