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by the Left Coast Rebel

Politics Across teh Blogs:

Humble Libertarian: Quiz: Are you an Austrian (why yes, yes I am)

Reaganite Republican: Obamcare must be destroyed

No Sheeples Here: Video: Government High Life*

Legal Insurrection: Fools rushed into START

Humble Libertarian: Purpose of government

Western Hero: Progressives hate the Constitution

Libertarian Republican: Good news on Tom McClintock

Just a Conservative Girl: Text to Cantor's Obamcare Repeal

Beers with Demo: Now a word from our sponsors

Lilac Sunday: CA needs a miracle

American Power: Tea Party 2011

Full Metal Patriot: Rep. Allen West's Awesomeness


Get Rich Slowly: Underachievement and the all or nothing mindset

Seymour Pundit: $14 trillion debt

Naked Capitalism: 1/4/11 Links

Libertarian Republican: Peter Schiff's doomsday 2011

Liberator Today: Expanding deficit: Spending or Taxing problem?


The Other McCain: Paris Vogue goes creepy

Last Tradition: Roger Ebert starting over after cancer

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Theo Spark: Tuesday Totty

Eye of Polyphemus: Mila Kunis is single!

Mind-Numbed Robot: Huh...Wha?? - Ashley Simpson

Eye of Polyphemus: Top ten women of the wild west

Blog/Post of the Day:

John Rossomado at The Daily Caller: The ACLU's untold Stalinist heritage

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  1. I got 55/100 Austrian, I had a lot of Chicago Answers and a few Keynesian(sp?)....


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