Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Welcome Back to Work and Reality


by the Left Coast Rebel

Today marks the end of holiday festivities, friends and family, relaxation and free time (although I somehow couldn't find much of the latter).

LCR now begins the slow crawl back from HTS (holiday traffic suckage) to resume our pre-December top center-right/conservative/libertarian blog luster. It's going to be a long road and we will do our best to avoid BMD as we fight for ever-shorter-attention-span eyeballs, the first step in doing so is to reach out to our friends via. a daily reach around link aggregation.


News Across teh Blogosphere:

BBC: Left calling for violent revolution (I thought they went for the silent type)

Confederate Yankee: More on this theme

And So it Goes in Shreveport: Dionne proves the irreconcilable divide

American Power: Who stole Feminism? plus Darrel Issa says the obvious

Maggie's Notebook: More on Darrel Issa

Western Hero: Death of Common sense

Beers with Demo: New Years Republican Resolutions

Liberator Today: Tea Party New Year Resolutions

Temple of Mut: 2011 Tea Party Democrat Resolutions

Obama Fail Blog: More Recess appointment follies

Pundit and Pundette: Bring on the Rancor!


Get Rich Slowly: How to take control of your finances in 2011

WC Varones: Johnny Silverseed

Kitco: Related Chart -- Silver blows through $31

Get Rich Slowly: Everday story, on the road to prosperity

Legal Insurrection: The GOP's debt ceiling trap


Maggie's Notebook: Julia Roberts, real life Brokovich?

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

American Power: Shania Twain gets married on New Years Day

Full Metal Patriot: New Year Christina Hendricks special (wow)

Vimeo: Leslie Crow: Surfer Girl

Yankee Phil: New Year links, friends and pretty girls

The Other McCain: Ex-Playmate Izabella Katarina Kasprzyk

Conservative Scalawag: Keltec KSG 12 gauge bull-pup shotgun (prettier than a pretty girl)*

Blog/Post of the Day:


Mind-Numbed Robot: Bigger Government Encourages more Poverty

Moonbattery: Detroit postcards from America's Progressive future*

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  1. Those Detroit postcards foretell the future under Progressives.


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