Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Snow in 49 States

by the Left Coast Rebel

Global Warming across 49 states:

QUIKWIT: It's snowing AGAIN!

The BLOG: Snowless in Florida (for now)

Give us Liberty: Obama's global warming snowjob

Holy Coast: Yosemite at 30,000 feet

News across the Blogs:

Scratching Post: The fate of the mentally ill

Lonely Conservative: Most Americans not buying it

Wolf Files: Media guide for the Journalistically challenged*

Legal Insurrection: The world of Loughner and Palin haters

Beers with Demo: Violence, rhetoric and free speech

Fisherville Mike: Palin the innovator

Pundit and Pundette: Various and Sundry

BBCW: Palin's Blood Libel video*

Maggie's Notebook: Ted Williams arrested?

American Power: Governor Brewer's state of the state*

Full Metal Patriot: Is Dupnik Dumbnik?

Conservative Perspective: Ride on the wild side*


Get Rich Slowly: Don't get rich any slower than you have to!

BBCW: America#9 in economic freedom index

Yahoo Finance: 5 bad financial decisions and how to recover

Open Market: Morning finance news summary

Rule 5 (Pretty Girls):

Eye of Polyphemus: Kristen Bell*

The Other McCain: New Britney Spears Single

Mind-numbed Robot: I'm still here (and a hot girl playing Pantera? WOW)


US Weekly: OMG, Kate Hudson is pregnant!

Humble Libertarian: What Ted Williams' golden voice tells us about homelessness

TMZ: 'Green Hornet' star a jailbird

Blog of the Day:

Reaganite Republican: Duplicitous Dupnik in a world of hurt

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