Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Obama Wardrobe Malfunction, or, "Dress-Me Czar" Position just Opened


by the Left Coast Rebel

Via. No Sheeples Here: What is wrong with this picture? (literally):

The original picture via. MSNBC is here (scroll down).

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  1. "What is wrong with this picture?" There's a big piece of whale dung in a sloppily arranged attire pretending to be a president...

  2. Above-commenter John must have missed the lesson about "treating others as he would like to be treated". Nice wording there, John, you have partially fulfilled my confirmation bias, should you want to completely do so all you will have to do is aggressively defend your unnecessary insults.

  3. Why Jeff you filthy troll!
    I know this lesson quite well... Question for you; Do you think that Obama has treated "We the people" as he would like to be treated? I say NO!
    Funny how you "I'm not a religions person" would try to use religion to make a point...
    Yes an insult. Unnecessary? Perhaps.. But, because I am Daily insulted by the actions of this impersonator.. My right and duty as a citizen of the US.

  4. It doesn't matter, my personal opinions of Obama's success/failure ratio--I can still call offensive and unnecessary language when I see it.

    You apparently do not know this lesson, as you make the mistake of assuming that is a religious* point. Oh, I won't deny you the right to say the golden rule exists within the Bible, but it certainly didn't originate from it, nor does it have any religious origin.

    I suppose I shouldn't humor you, but, what "impersonator"?

  5. Jeffry, who made you the monitor of "unnecessary language"? And your profile makes the reference to "a religious* point." But it is in fact a quote from Matt 7... Besides, who are you to try and pluck the mote from my eye?
    In fact, i am treating that "piece of whale dung" just as I would want too be treated.
    But don't give up, he needs people like you to blindly follow him and prop him up...

  6. Your question insinuates that there are some special credentials needed before being allowed to call someone out, when that clearly isn't the case. I don't need any prior authorization to call hate speech, hate speech. Or racism, racism (note that I'm not calling what you wrote racist).

    I would wish that the blogger here, or other commenter's would do so, but too often that sort of hate speech gets a pat on the back, rather than the condemnation it deserves.

    You're correct, it does make a reference to a religious and why you connected that to what I commented here, I do not know. Is it a quote from the Bible? So what? As I already explained, it is a widely applicable "rule", originating in many different cultures and societies. The Bible has no special ownership of it. I mentioned it because of it's near-universal penetration, knowing that it would be familiar.

    I very much doubt you specifically enjoy strangers mocking you behind your back, especially over trivial non-starters such as a mis-buttoned suit-coat. That you find it fitting and appropriate to refer to another human being in that manner (and the president, no less) says a lot about what kind of person you are. It strongly implies you have bought, hook line and sinker, into the hateful narrative of demonizing your opponents.

    *searches what I wrote* Hmm, nope. Nowhere in there did I ever support Obama as President, nowhere did I defend anything about him.

    Yet you feel comfortable enough to project onto me some sort of stereotypical level of worship to the man, when you have nothing to support you on that. Remember what they say about assume-ing? It makes an ass out of u(you) and me.

    You didn't respond to my question, so I'll ask it again: What "impersonator" and what do you mean by that?

  7. Hey Al! I found your source of "Global warming"! Lot's of hot air here...
    I can sum it simply... Question; "Via. No Sheeples Here: What is wrong with this picture? (literally):"
    I gave my thought... call it hate, I don't care. God knows my heart, and that is between him and I...
    You have tried to elevate yourself by putting me down. I have seen it all too often. Maybe you've heard this before, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS"
    And as for your question, if your so smart, figure it out.
    Have a nice day...

  8. Shorter John: My offensive insults can't objectively be called offensive because I have decided you are wrong.


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