Mike Pence out, Mitch Daniels coy, JIM DEMINT? Maybe...

By Sam Foster

This has been quite the day as far as potential Republican candidates go. Students for Daniels PAC is launching the first Presidential ad spot during the Pro Bowl. Mike Pence announces that he won't run for President, but will run for Mitch Daniel's job.

And now Jim DeMint may throw his hat in the ring for President, maybe...

But the ground may be shifting in DeMint-world, and several of his closest advisers and political confidantes are now telling CNN that he is at least open to a presidential bid if a suitably conservative candidate fails to emerge from the early and wide-open GOP field.

“I think that you can read into it that he sees he has a role in the process and he hasn’t completely shut the door,” said one DeMint adviser asked about the Iowa foray.

DeMint currently sees his role in the 2012 process, the adviser said, as “setting the bar high” for the presidential contenders when it comes to advocating for a small government agenda.

“He hasn’t completely shut the door on running, and if there is a massive void in the group of candidates, who knows what could happen?,” said the adviser, who was quick to caution that there is only a five percent chance the senator will run.

What's next? Keith Olbermann fired from MSNBC?


  1. DeMint is not likely to win. It really is that plain and that simple. His comments on banning gays from the classroom only apppeals to a very small segment of the voting public.

  2. Mike Pence not running is a blessing. I really don't like the guy ever since he let Chris matthews brow beat him on Hardball over the subject of Evolution. If Pence couldn't handle Matthews, he'd be a disaster as a candiate for Prez. And the last thing the GOP needs is to run another white haired candidate against Obama.

    This is good news for the GOP!

    The Last Tradition

  3. Jim DeMint's not serious about running. At this point, I doubt Palin is either. Realistically, we're probably looking at Huck, T-paw or Mitt RomneyCare for the nomination.

  4. Thanks for the link. I'd be thrilled if DeMint were to run.


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