Michael Moore: Only Racists own Guns, or Something Like That

by the Left Coast Rebel

Does this video even require commentary?

You have to love how Maddow just sits there and listens....like Moore is the Oracle of the Left, some kind of pharao-esque spiritual leader with transcendental thoughts....oh, he's so brilliant.

It's amazing that Michael Moore cites statistics of low crime rates in areas of the country where there is also high rates of gun ownership. Why do you think that is, Mr. Moore? Could it be precisely because these areas have high gun ownership? Why do areas like Los Angeles and Washington DC -- places with the most stringent gun control laws -- also have the highest incidents of "gun violence"?

I would so love to sit down with this guy at a burger joint (he'd have to buy, I don't think I could afford it otherwise), and have a back and forth, reasoned debate; a non sequitir-free zone. I wonder what it would look like? I wonder how Moore and would argue against my assertion that the right to bear arms is as basic and fundamental a right as freedom of speech and even more, that the bearing of arms -- by good, decent, lawful citizens -- is actually the most effective crime prevention program ever invented in the history of the free world?

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  1. Moore is an idiot who makes a whole lot more money that either of us will ever see for that very same reason; there's a lot of money to be made in the lunacy business.

  2. Hey Michael, perhaps the low murder rate in Tucson is BECAUSE so many people have guns, you stupid f**k!
    I don't want to promote violence but Michael Moore is a FBILTPW.(Fat Bastard I'd Like to Pistol Whip)

  3. Nancy: Make that FBILTPW.(Fat Bastard I'd Like to Pillow Whip), so they don't accuse you of inciting violence.

  4. I understand your feeling Nancy! But for the sake of argument Proof,isn't Moore the one "inciting violence"? Besides, she did say "I don't want to promote violence but..."
    Problem with the idea of a debate with Moore or any other progressive, they wont... Facts only get in the way... Take Al Gore for example. Has he ever debated anyone about "Global warming"? Nope! Those pesky facts keep getting in the way...

  5. 1. M. Moore plays fast and loose with any fact. Pretty sure his middle name is Spin.
    2. If Asians happened to be the predominant "home invading criminal element" who do you think the boogie man might look like? For the record, I'm white and I've seen plenty of white guys that would fit that mold. Ooo, Ooo, you tread on economic stereo type! Well duh, rich people only commit crimes on paper, or, uh film...

  6. Just wondering, have Michael Moore and Mr. Creosote ever been seen in the same room?

  7. For the record, Moore has a VERY small following. He hardly speaks for "the left". He has his moments we accept him, but more times than not, he is like our Crazy Uncle at Thanksgiving.

    First of all, DC does NOT have the most stringent gun laws. That was changed last year. So the right is just as inept at using facts. In fact, crime HAS gone up this year with the looser laws.

    Funny thing is, even HUGE gun rights folks are saying some gun laws should be considered to be changed. Big Dick "Shoot'em in the face" Cheney even said that limiting the number of bullets in a clip to around 10 is a reasonable consideration. Even Richard Levy from the CATO Institute is on board with this consideration and this is the guy responsible for the way the Supreme Court ruled on the 2nd Amendment.


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