Liberals want to tax your inheritance, but set up trust funds for your pets

By Sam Foster

The powers that be lording over the state of MA have decided that it is imperative that the state should take up setting up trusts for your animals. I mean, one must save and plan for the animals you love should something happen to you.

Donna Turley, a Boston-based attorney who helped draft the legislation, said the Massachusetts bill also allows people who are no longer able to care for pets but still living to set up trusts.

The bill also permits court intervention if the amount of money left for pet care is excessive, said Turley.

In her experience, people tend to leave $5,000 to $10,000 per animal, but notes that care for horses can be much more expensive.

The cost to add a provision to a will leaving money to someone for pet care is minimal, Turley said.

Open the flood gates for inheritance for animals, passing on your property to your offspring? Well, that's a little greedy don't you think?

Makes sense if you are a liberal. If there is wealth to be had, it ought to go to the most unproductive organism one can find and government ought to facilitate such a transfer of wealth for purpose of fairness, so why not give your lazy cat $10,000 tax free?

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