Liberals are Irony Impaired

By Proof

"When people, allegedly credible people who get up in front of cameras and microphones and say things that are not true and try to inflame the public..."

Oh. You mean like a County Sheriff at a press conference, speculating about things he doesn't know are true, but presenting opinions as though they were fact, casting aspersions anyway? That kind of people?

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  1. How about the irony of a sheriff who refuses to enforce the law blaming Arizona bigotry for fatal violence in his county…

  2. He said it's up to the listeners to decide. And this one has decide, he should focus on his job and not further inflaming the political atmosphere. This is IMHO irresponsible! Where has he been? How soon it's forgotten the hate an vitriol that was displayed towards Bush.

  3. He says he's been around for 75 years. It's time to show this turkey the glories of retired life.


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