Left scrambles to dominate messaging in health care repeal

By Sam Foster

CBO has a very preliminary estimate of repealing health care and if you were to read any news print on it you'd think that it would cost some crazy number like $230 billion. Or maybe you'd hear something goofy about how 32 million people will lose coverage. However, what we have is a mad dash from the left to set the message on health care reform.

It's silly really, but unfortunately also very effective. Silly in that somehow we are talking about how 32 million people will lose coverage that they don't yet have and won't for years to come. Increase budget deficits? Just how does legislation that hasn't even started to take effect increase budget deficits?

Yet, this type of shenanigan works if left unchallenged. It's how we wind up talking about tax cuts for the rich, when in actuality we are staving off tax increases. It's how we wind up talking about how tax cuts add to the deficit, when a tax cut isn't a cost outlay (i.e. it costs nothing to let people keep their own money).

Public opinion wasn't swayed by this type of propaganda when the bill was passed, but Republicans ought not take this for granted on repeal.

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  1. Reality Check: Repeal of Obamacare and the Deficit


    Key point:

    "The costliest provisions do not go into effect until 2014, so the CBO 10-year score includes only six years of spending."

    But the score DOES include 10 years of extra revenues.


    So the business down the street tells me that it will save money by providing 6 years of service, but charging me for 10 years. If I refuse the deal, they'll run a deficit. And that would be bad for the local economy.

    What's wrong with that picture?


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