Left Coast Rebel Finally Crosses the 1-million Visitor Rubicon! Update:Professor Jacobson scolds us for not thanking Keith Olbermann

By Sam Foster

Thank You All!

This morning Left Coast Rebel crossed the blogger’s most hallowed of landmarks, having surpassed 1 million hits one month shy of our second year on the web. Or, about exactly twice as long as it took the 15th top conservative blog.

We hope that you have enjoyed this site as much as we have toiled, labored, struggled and enjoyed building it into what it has become. Most importantly, please stick around for our 2nd million.

And while it is the readers who made this herculean feat possible, without the expressed encouragement, guidance and linkage of so many excellent bloggers, we would have thrown in the towel a long time ago or remained unnoticed in an obscure corner on the web.

So without further adieu, here are the bloggers and breaking news stories that contributed the most LCR readership…

We owe our biggest debt of gratitude to Robert Stacy McCain (and Smitty and Wombat) who was the first major blogger that gave Left Coast Rebel a shot at entertaining a larger audience. Intimately in touch with the small time conservative bloggers, RSM doesn’t merely inform and entertain with regards to the subject of politics, but is generous in linkage and disseminating the rules of successful blogging. Over the last year we have been the benefactors of his news coverage as well as his blog wars. After the election, RSM singlehandedly instigated one of LCR’s memorandum threads. I find myself constantly trying to repay with links from my articles and with readership, only to find my tab growing instead of diminishing. So I’ll give it one more shot at settling that linking debt; MUSLIM RAPE GANGS!

Professor William Jacobson has been a large inspiration to us at LCR. His site, chock-full of “newsy bits and links,” provides such “insightful commentary on the human condition” that we’ve stopped trying to compete with him on bumper sticker coverage and reporting on big, unfair houses. He has been magnanimous in covering our biggest stories, all the while flooring us with his clean, articulate conservative arguments. He is the Charles Krauthammer of the conservative blogosphere. I only wish he’d spend more time blogging instead of teaching all that law stuff at Cornell.

A big, special thanks to Professor Donald Douglas, who put the weight of his blogging credibility on the line by backing LCR Editor-in- Chief Tim Daniel and thus opening the gates to publishing at PJM - his first paid journalistic gig. Just a Conservative Girl was there from the start as was Bungalow Bill and Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican. That fat lady at Yahoo also managed to send over about 15,000 readers.

Thank you Jim Hoft, who has linked us regularly on a hodgepodge of topics such as violent threats from Steny Hoyer, global cooling sea turtles, exposing the Coffee Party or the Tea Party rally at Searchlight.

Thank you Doug Ross who probably lost much traffic linking us in Lawryn’s Links far more than he probably ought to and to Jammie Wearing Fool, who has forgot to take our link off the top of their homepage. Thank you too to Pamela Geller though the trolls trolling from her linkage were...well...scary.

Big hat tip to Professor Glenn Reynolds for linking us a mere three times, thus doubling the hit counts of our second top referrer, Neal Boortz.

A special thanks to Obama’s cousin Milton Wolf, who is an avid activist to the cause of saving Left Coast Rebel prior to the sale of CA over to the Chinese or enacting a super-villain style sinking of the moonbat capital of America. I only hope his “escape from LA”-esque support is not limited to only those two Armageddon scenarios. We’ve got Jerry Brown for governor after all.

We can’t forget Dan Riehl for his links and tweets. We are grateful for Ed Morissey, Allahpundit and Jazz Shaw at Hot Air for their willingness to link to our tips. Jill at Pundit & Pundette somehow contributed an ungodly amount of traffic by merely adding LCR to her blog list. Mean ol’ meany’s post on Kate Middleton still brings in traffic to this day.

The list goes on and is not limited to…

Rush Limbaugh, Weasel Zippers, Moe Lane and Labor Union Report at RedState, Newsbusters, Van Helsing at Moonbattery, Ace of Spades, Jim Geraghty for linking us at The Corner, Campaign Spot and quoting us often in his Morning Jolt.

Thank you to Bryan Preston editor for PJM for posting many of our articles and also Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

Thank you to the many who submitted themselves to our shockingly probing interview questions. The list includes: Congressman Tom Reed, Congressman Chris Gibson, 2006 NY Republican gubernatorial candidate John Faso, Milton Wolf, Mike Wilson (Director of Michael Moore Hates America) and many others.

Also, a big shout out to the Tea Party, 2009-present class of conservative/libertarian political bloggers such as My Thougths on Freedom (now the Libertarian Patriot), Saberpoint, No Sheeples Here, Reaganite Republican, Trestin Meacham, Sara in Italy, Pat in Shreveport... the SLOBS (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) have been great friends personally and to the site, WC Varones, Libertator Today, Beers With Demo, Shane Atwell and the Temple of Mut.

Don't forget Wesley Messamore and The Humble Libertarian, the young man responsible for LCR's slick design as well as content, from time to time (more, Wes, more!).

…And all of our top notch contributors Tim Daniel, Sam Foster, Right Klik, Proof from Proof Positive, Les from Rational Nation, Frank Hill from Telemachus, T. Christopher from Republican Redefined, War Planner.

We also couldn’t have done it without the socialists and their power hungry attack on this nation’s freedoms. For without you, our lives would be roses and conflict free. We’d have no cause to spend hours each day trying to halt your autocratic policies. It is your labors to make the US a banana republic that have prompted our biggest breaking stories such as Ellie Light, Dan Rather’s Watermelons, Think Progress’ Tea Party Video, TSA’s 4th amendment violations, a cookie wielding, Canadian bureaucrat, Nick McDermott of the Alaskan press, all of which led to the election of so many Tea Party congressional candidates. I also can’t forget Media Matters, who has written and thus recognize this site’s writers as a threat to the left’s agenda.

Finally, thank you Google Gods, as our homage to your search bots has brought us more traffic than we ever would have accomplished without you. If we could, we’d amend RSM’s 5 rules to make your worship rule 6!

Update: Professor William Jacobson has incorrectly scolded us for not thanking Keith Olbermann for getting canned from MSNBC in the comments section.

Jacobson is correct, our post over the weekend on Keith Olbermann is what put us over the top. The post has recieved over 25,000 hits and is still going at about 250 hits/hour. The professor is knowledgeable about such things as some of this traffic is being redirected over to Legal Insurrection.

However, we are unable to thank him for two reasons:

First, with his departure from MSNBC, we have no where to send Keith a jovial thank you and "have you no decency, sir!"

Second, the traffic is mostly blogger manna from web heaven provided by the google gods where LCR is the #1 hit on google's non-news search for "Keith Olbermann fired." The Google gods were thoroughly thanked at the end of our post.

Update x2:
Robert Stacy McCain links, but misreports this posts attempt at thanking all those that contributed site traffic. While it would seem that this post thanks "the whole freaking blogosphere" I beg to differ.

LGF, having done nothing for this blog or anything worth being thanking for, was not thanked, linked and if not for the misreporting would have gone entirely unmentioned.

Update x3: Professor Donald Douglas links, begs for reciprocal linkage.

Updated x4: Milton Wolf links, celebrates and posts a picture of the pretty actress from Lost (can't recall her name). Thank you, Dr, Wolf, for not posting a picture of me.


  1. Congrats on your awesome achievement! Keep up the great work!

  2. As I understand it, Keith Olbermann getting canned was what put you over the top. Have you thanked him, Sirs?

  3. WMUR - Thank you for your continued readership!

    Professor Jacobson - If he were available, we might just attempt that ;). Thank you for all you have done!

  4. Yowza! One trillion hits? Wait, a billion? A million? I'm so confused from all the CBO nonsense that I can't understand actual numbers anymore. Let's just say you've gotten a boatload of well-deserved hits. Congratulations!

  5. Well heck, reckon since you've passed the million hit rubicon, I'll just have to add you to my blogroll.

    Congrates to you and continued success.


  6. Good job, Mr. Foster, you certainly deserve that. And thanks so much for the link on this here post, sir.

  7. Congrats Reb and company, if anyone deserves a million hits it's you all.

    And thanks for the linky love too, it is always appreciated.

  8. Congratulations! I came here from The Other McCain's post so you can thank him for one more hit! Thank you, Left Coast Rebel, and to all the right-bloggers that you thanked above, for blazing the trail that the rest of us newer bloggers can follow. Were it not for people like you, people like me might never have been inspired to get to blogging. I look forward to congratulating you on your billionth and trillionth hits in the near future.

  9. Congrats! I got here via Stacy, too. Have added you to my reader feed which might contribute two hits to the next million. ; )

  10. Thanks Zilla/MJ and Political Junkie Mom! contributing to our next million hits is a most honorable endeavor.

    ThatMRGGuy - thanks for adding us! Much appreciated.

    Thanks for the linkage Professor Douglas!

  11. I hear the first million are the hardest... LCR has even bigger and better things on the horizon!

  12. Well it's about time. I'm guessing you incorporated the LGF mob.

  13. Thank Keith Olbermann... No! If it were not for him and others like him, we could all be doing something else. Something like, a hobby, time with family, surfing, golf ect..
    It's because of the slanted MSM that we have been forced to seek other methods of finding truth. Which is how i heard about LCR. Seeking truth on talk radio. I heard about LCR on the Rush Limbaugh show... Thanks LCR and Congrats and my we meet again next year with a significantly larger number of hits!

  14. Congrats, guys! Keep up the great work.

  15. Thanks, John. If you don't mind my asking, which show did Rush mention our site on?

    Thanks, Dean!

  16. Congratulations to everyone at Left Coast Rebel! Your success is well deserved, and you definitely worked for it!

    And no need to remind me not to forget Wes Messamore, by the way. I've been confused for him more than once!... :)

  17. "which show did Rush mention our site on?" Have any easy questions? Last spring I think... Alll I can say for sure is, I am happy I heard him mention a peculiar name... Left coast rang true and clear.

  18. Thanks, John. He did say "Left Coast Rebel" though?

  19. Yes... The name was intriguing!

  20. Huge Congrats on the extraordinary milestone and many thanks for you guys allowing me to contribute around here from time to time.

  21. John - thanks, I'm dying to get my hands on that show, at least a transcript of it, do you recall what he said?

    RR - Thanks!

  22. Congratulations! Great blogs should be greatly rewarded, and you've certainly got one here. Here's to 2m more. Cheers!


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