John Stossel: Top 10 2010 Government Promises Gone Wrong

by the Left Coast Rebel

I apologize for my absence here at LCR in this last 24 hours or so, I had some untimely personal business to attend to. Anyway I want to wish everyone here a happy and prosperous New Year and pass along this John Stossel special, looking back at ostensibly the biggest boondoggles of 2010 (Stossel covers quite a few good ones but I can think of 20+ more).

Please pass this series along, these things need to be known.

Here's to hoping for a more libertarian, Constitution-abiding America in 2011:

Related at Memeorandum, via The Washington Post, "New health-care rules to take effect."


  1. Tim,

    Good to have you back! I like Stossel; if I close your eyes when he talks, he reminds me of Homer Simpson's neighbor, Flanders. But his always pointing out the unintended consequences of liberal politician's actions is a real hoot!

    On anopther subject, I wanted to exact a favor from you and all of your commenters if I can. Can you plug/visit/comment on Ther OBama Fail blog? The URL is:

    The guy really needs to develop a followership so he knows we are out here and appreciate his effort. This will pay dividends when Hopey gets booted out of office: we will have a chronicle of that boob's gaffes and mistakes that our grandchildren will have to refer to. I mean, seriously, if you told your kids about all of this sh*t they wouldn't believe you.

    Thanks in advance and have a great new year!

  2. Ah promises promises.

  3. great series, reb.
    we need to get back to the times when a man's word was his bond.
    more important is the fact we need to get back to Constitutional government where the federal government dealt solely with foreign affairs and the States dealt with the responsibilities of domestic affairs.

  4. Video response from a "Liberal cheerleader"...

  5. WP - Will do, I found that site when he first started out, I'll link him daily in my morning/afternoon beat.

    Trestin - yes, accountability is the key...

    Griper - Well said!

    John - Great vid that proves many of the points in Stossel's series, no?

  6. Yes Tim, it speaks volumes...

  7. repeal of Obamacare should be on the agenda of the House. let the House pass the repeal and send it to the Senate. if the Senate fails to pass it, let it die right there. don't cave in to a compromise bill. and even if it does pass the Senate then pass it along to Obama to veto.

    its a no win issue for the Progressives in Congress and a total win issue for Conservatives even if it doesn't pass.

    reason being is that it will be the most important singular issue of the 2012 elections when the People will have its say about it. and the People will know exactly where their representative stands on this issue. and none will be able to deny their vote on the issue or spin it


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