Jared Loughner's Ex-girlfriend Kelsey Hawkes Speaks out

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I stare at Memeorandum, my eyelids slowly creep from the bottom to the top, covering my eyes like a Great White before a thrashing-around mealtime. It's not that the Loughner story is not a big deal (it is, of course), or that there still isn't a lot to be said on it.

It's just that everyone has already said everything about it and of course, the far-left nutjobs simply can't understand that: Loughner was a Marx/Hitler fan, a nihilist, an atheist, loved heavy metal (wait, so do I!), loved Zeitgeist, was apolitical, a salvia-toker, unemployable, lived with his mom, liked to burn orange peels in front of a skull and was a grammatically-challenged, grammar faux paus freakazoid.

--- Just to take note of a (few) of his unique traits.

The tea party did it! Talk Radio! The "far-right!" Tea-bagger!

Wouldn't you say that a guy's high school girlfriend probably has a good idea of what someone is like? Well, Kelsey Hawkes -- Loughner's ex-girlfriend -- talked about him and it's nothing that CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Krugman, Kos, Soros or Satan and the Four Horses of the Apocalypse would ever acknowledge:

(USA Today)

Kelsey Hawkes, who dated him for several months when she was a freshman and he was a sophomore at Mountain View High, says she couldn't believe it was him after hearing of Loughner's arrest.

"I've always known him as the sweet, caring Jared," says Hawkes, 21, a junior at the University of Arizona. She recalls him as being shy and having low self-esteem. "It's sad knowing the person he was and the person who he could have become — and who he is now."

Updated: Here's Kelsey Hawkes on CBS News today:

It is clear as day that Loughner did not have a political identity. Oh well, I guess the left can always try to sell more t-shirts.

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