In the wake of AZ Shootings: a more civil, more childish media; new media and bloggers rejoice at MSM’s self demise

By Sam Foster

How far is the media willing to take all this "lack of civility leads to AZ Shooting" theory? I'm not sure, but to prove that they are serious in their beliefs, they are bringing you this week's news in a more civil, more childish way.

We need to get an "incendiary rhetoric jar" for CNN. Thus when anyone drops the "C" Bomb ("C" is for crosshairs, that's good enough for me) that person should deposit 5 bucks into the jar. In this way, the CNN family can cleanse themselves of all the violent rhetoric. The fist depositor should be Andy Shaw who let the term "crosshairs" flippantly fly out of his mouth in relation to the Chicago mayor race. An offense CNN left important enough to apologize on air for.

Geez CNN, are you trying to get a mayoral candidate shot? You think a simple "my bad" is sufficient for such malfeasance?

If that wasn't bad enough, I found the following Politico report this morning that read like my 5-year old niece's daily tattle report on her 3-year old brother's activities.

But other members of his party did not follow his example. Multiple members talked about the law's "job-killing" affect , while Steve King (R-Iowa) suggested the ACA should be renamed the "Entrepreneurial Extinction Act."

Off the house floor, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and members of the Tea Party Caucus rallied for repeal decrying the "arrogance" and "closed-mindedness" of President Obama.

Trying to drive home the Democrats' focus on the consequences for patients if the bill is repealed during her floor statement, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) seemed to accuse Republicans of being heartless. "The repeal of this bill … would reemphasize that [sick Americans] would die" without its protections. Those advocating the ACA's repeal are talking "about jobs when we're talking about lives," she said.

It's a good thing the Politico is out there, reporting on all the naughty things that congressional representative are saying. All that is missing is time out.

Now, I'm severely skeptical that this self-neutering in the media will last longer than a week. However, I hope that they are both serious and willing to stick it out for the long haul, because nothing could hasten their own demise and simultaneous rise of new media than MSM's perceived 4th estate duty of tattler-in-chief.

It is beyond boring to read/watch, it's annoying.

I promise dear readers, I will not bore you with such triteness and childishness. I solemnly swear to bring you only hard hitting, incendiary inciting, rhetoric filled news coverage and opinion. Please tell your friends.

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