Hussein's Forgettable, Recycled SOTU Address

By RightKlik

Another year, another insipid SOTU speech from Barack Hussein. Largely plagiarized, the speech was well received by Americans, especially with its emphasis on smoked salmon. ViaNPR, these are the words that came to mind for most Americans immediately after Obama read his speech ― one apparently written for him by hungry White House interns:
In contrast, state-of-the-art Wordle analysis shows that although George Washington's first SOTU speech was only 1081 words long, it was packed with enlightened substance:

Calvin Coolidge was an incredibly successful but under-appreciated leader, presiding over a golden age in American history. Note the emphasis on property, prosperity and progress in his1928 address:

Morning in America! Wordle captures the essence of Ronald Reagan's brilliant 1986 Address:

What a difference 25 years makes. From dreams and opportunity to want and need. Obama's America is like an unfamiliar land. The "highlights" of SOTU 2011:
Synthesizing some of the best SOTU speeches in history, as well as speeches by contemporary conservatives including Mike Pence, the skeleton of a more serious (but friendly and familiar) America begins to emerge:

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  1. Very interesting. Love the concept.

  2. Video response...
    not surprising anymore.. but many probably didn't notice this...


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