Egypt in Crisis

by: Les Carpenter
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Egypt is a moderate Muslim state with pro-west leanings in comparison to, say, Iran, the Palestinians, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and most other Muslim nations.

Yet the west, following the leadership of none other than Barrack H. Obama, and the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, is prepared to throw Mubarak under the bus in the name of "regime change".

Okay, I get it. Just be prepared for the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist Islamic influences to take hold in land of our prior ally.


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  1. I'm not a huge fan of realpolitik but, yeah... the very possible alternatives are far worse than what we currently have.

    It speaks volumes, however, that the administration has spoken out more on the Egypt situation than they did with the Iranian one which was uniformly more pro-secular democracy.

  2. This is a tough issue for the US. As usual, our hypocracy threatens to derail our goals. We say we support democracy, yet have propped up a dictator, who insists on China level human rights violations.

    The difference with Iran is that Iran IS more democratic than Egypt. If the US interferred, it would have simply given the state a reason to crush the protesters and writing them off as US/CIA props, which is not the case.

    In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, although the most organized opposition, is NOT what the people WANT. They are as likely to be in charge, especially long-term, as the current guy. The people want choices, options, and a progressive, secular government. More importantly, they want to move forward, not backward, which most in Egypt view the Brotherhood would be. It'd be like saying in our country if the Republicans were wiped away, the Democrats would automatically and easily take over. True, they would have a logistics advantage at first, but even I know that there would be, especially in the longer run, a spectrum of candidates and parties that would fall more toward the center of the populace.


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